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While I love summer – the beautiful flowers, the warm (sometimes too warm) temperatures and the long days – having to shave my legs on a regular basis has got to be my least favorite part. The hassle begins as soon as you enter the store and are faced with the dozens of different brands and types of razors. You have the single-use disposable, the multi-use disposable, the non-disposable, the replacement blades – with or without that soothing strip of aloe – one blade, two-blade, three, four or five blades. Pink, purple, yellow, men’s or women’s…the list goes on and on. Then, once you finally choose the one you think you want, you glance at the price tag, and that alone is enough to make you want to turn around and walk right out of the store, hairy legs be darned! Since when did a single razor become $13, and a pack of replacement blades $36?? Enter – What Is It was founded by two men on a business trip who lost their luggage, and were forced to buy new razors. When they realized the cost, they were shocked! So they decided to come up with a solution where people can get affordable razors and cartridges without sacrificing quality. Working with one of the oldest razor manufacturers in the United States, they created a burn free razor that is not only comparable to name brands and inexpensive, but is delivered right to your home for free! 

800Razors-review1a Overview

800 carries razors for both men and women. For men they offer a 3 blade, which they say is comparable to the Mach 3, and a 5 blade which is comparable to the Fusion. For women they offer a 5 blade razor that is comparable to the Venus – my personal razor of choice. All of’s blades are coated in ceramic which helps the blades to last longer. The handles are all non-slip, and provide a comfortable grip for a close, smooth shave.

800Razors-review5a sent me one of their 5 Blade Women’s Razors to try. It came in a small box, and inside was a handle and four cartridges. The 5 Blade Women’s Razor is very similar to the Venus, although I personally think it is closer to the Venus Divine. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably, and it is coated in a soft, rubberized material that provides you with a secure, no-slip grip. The razor head itself is also contoured, and has a nice wide moisturizing strip that contains aloe. Unlike many razors, this moisturizing strip actually covers the entire head of the razor instead of just above the blades. And the head pivots, which to me makes for a much safer shave, especially around the knees and ankles!


As far as performance, I was amazed to find that this razor works just as well, if not a bit better, than the Venus! I have been using it for about a month now, and have only nicked myself one time. claims that their razors are burn-free, and in my experience, this statement is spot on! When shaving, all I use is just a small amount of shaving cream, and I get a burn-free shave every time. To really test it out though, I shaved using just a thin layer of soap – which for me usually leads to razor burn – and I still got a burn-free shave!

800Razors-review3 – Where to Purchase

With, you can select the package that works best for you, choosing to receive replacement blades once, or every two, three or four months. When you first sign up, you will get a free handle with your first order, however, you can also buy a replacement for just $4. Shipping is always free. To learn more, head over to to see the packages they offer for both men and women. 

7 Tips to a Silky Smooth Shave

I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand when I shave and wind up with razor burn or tiny patches of hair I somehow missed. Getting a perfect shave every time has a lot to do with the razor you use, as well as the steps you take. Here a few to help you get that silky smooth, even shave.

1.Shave in a warm bath or shower. Using cold water leads to goose bumps which lead to cuts and patches of missed hair.

2. Be sure to wait until the very end of your bath or shower so the hair will be softer and easier for the razor to cut.

3. Before shaving, exfoliate your legs with a gentle scrub. This will remove the dead skin, make it easier for the razor to give you a closer shave. Also, it will help prevent ingrown hair, which is what causes all those unsightly bumps.

4. When applying shaving cream, apply just a small amount and rub it into a thick lather that covers your entire leg. Allow it to sit for a minute or two, further softening the hair. By the way, using soap often leads to dry skin.

5. When shaving, begin at your ankle and work up the leg. If you are especially susceptible to razor burn, try shaving in the direction your hair grows. While this may not give you a clean shave the first time, you will avoid those raised bumps.

6. Rinse the blade thoroughly after each stroke, and make sure to always keep the blades wet.

7. Once finished, rinse legs with warm water, pat dry, then wait about 30 minutes before adding a moisturizing lotion.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.