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Flik Flops – The Light Up Flip Flops Made for Kids by Kids

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Sometimes kids have the best ideas! And in the case of one family nothing could be further from the truth!


The setting is Summer, 2012, Laguna Beach, California. A family is making their way across a crosswalk when their oldest daughter – who was then only 7 years old and was watching the flickering safety lights in the crosswalk – said, “Wouldn’t it be neat if they made flip-flops for kids that flicker so cars and parents could see us better at night?” One thing led to another and Flik Flops (named by the 2nd oldest child) were created.

Flik Flops Review1

I recently received a pair of these fun-filled flip-flops, and I can definitely see why kids will love them! Not only do the three LED lights on the outer edges of the Flik Flops light up brilliantly with every step, but the shoes have a bright and fun design on them. The soles are made of a firm, but comfortable foam, and the bottoms have ridges to keep them from sliding on wet surfaces. The top part that goes over your foot are made of a clear, but colored, soft plastic, and the part that goes between the toes is softly rounded so as not to provide any discomfort.

Flik Flops Review2 Lights On

A friend of my niece has been wearing them for several days now and he absolutely loves them! His mom tells me that they are the first pair of shoes he says he wants to wear everyday, and that he loves walking around in them and showing everybody how they flicker as he walks. She loves that they will provide a measure of safety when they are out after dark. This week they headed to the beach for Spring Break and I bet he is wearing them everyday!

Flik Flops Review3 Top View

Flik Flops come in blue or pink, and right now they are available in U.S. children’s size 12,13,1 and 2. More sizes and colors are coming soon! You can order your pair directly through the Flik Flops website for less than $20!

What kind of shoes do your kids like to wear during the Spring and Summer months?

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[email protected]

Sunday 23rd of March 2014

We have some knock off crocs that my son wears. But he would love those!!

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