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Perfectly Posh: Products to Pamper You ~ A Review + Giveaway

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Every now and then us women deserve to be pampered. I mean look at all of our roles: chef, housekeeper, doctor/nurse, psychologist, friend, mother, wife, and that’s in addition to our careers; plus we are expected to do all of this with a nice, pleasant attitude and a great big smile on our face. So of course we deserve to pamper ourselves in any way possible! While a day at the spa may not be possible, there is a way to take some time each day, even if it’s just 15 minutes, and create our own spa-time at home thanks to Perfectly Posh and their pampering products.

Never heard of Perfectly Posh? Neither had I until I was contacted by Paula, one of their consultants who was kind enough to send me several products for me to try – and she has offered an awesome giveaway for you as well, but first let me tell you about these amazing products!


Those of you who have read my reviews before know that I am all for products that use natural ingredients as opposed to chemicals especially when it comes to health and beauty. So when I learned that Perfectly Posh products not only are made using natural based ingredients, but are free from petroleum, parabens, paraffin, sulfates (sls), gluten and soy fillers, I was thrilled! Plus, they never test on animals and use only the highest quality essential oils. In fact, they make sure you know exactly what is in each item you use by listing each and every ingredient prominently on their website. on their packaging which are packaged in fun, modern and whimsical way!

Once my products arrived, I couldn’t wait to give them a try! Though many were sample-size, they provided enough that I was able to get a good idea about how well they work! Included were samples of lotions and body butters, facial cleansers, body scrubs, as well as a full-size, wonderful clay mask and a luscious lip balm. All of the products have these great, catchy names, and if you look on the website you will see how they are all packaged using fun colors and hip patterns and designs!

Perfectly Posh Review2

Dragon Mojo Skindelicious Body Butter – one of several blends, this hand-crafted body butter is made with natural ingredients including cocoa, shea, glycerin, caffeine, wasabi, and ginger, and is free from phthalates and color. It feeds your skin the nutrients it needs while leaving it soft and supple. It’s scent is a tantalizing blend of wasabi and ginger.

Hey Honey! Healing Hand Cream – this nutrient-rich hand cream is perfect for dry or damaged skin. Infused with honey, it keeps cracks from appearing and cuticles from splitting. I have always had issues with my cuticles cracking and peeling, but this cream has solved that! I really love its incredible scent that combines the sweet smell of honey with the tang of raspberry, lemon and meringue. No color added.

Down with Dirty Big Fat Yummy Hand Créme – one of several blends, this hand créme is made with hydrating apricot kernel oil, and is loaded with vitamins A and E to easily moisturize even the driest skin without leaving a greasy or oily film. I love how it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin soft and hydrated. It has a wonderful lavender watermint fragrance, and is completely Vegan and color free.

Perfectly Posh Review3

Daily Grind Coffee Scrub

Wow! That was my first thought as soon as I removed the lid from this sample…the smell literally made my mouth water! Then, once I tried it, I fell in love with this body scrub that combines sugar, salt, and coffee ground into a body scrub that utilizes coffee’s cleansing, clearing, anti cellulite, and energizing properties. It leaves my skin clean and soft and smelling great!

A Peel to Me Citrus Body Scrub

If coffee is not your forte, try this amazing natural salt, sugar, and loofa body scrub that is loaded with citrus Essential oils and real citrus zest. The scent alone is enough to energize you while it brightens, tightens and clears the skin with vitamin C and its astringent properties.

What would a spa treatment be without a good facial? Paula also sent several Perfectly Posh products fit for use in the top spas!

Delish! Sulfate Free Foaming Face Wash

This gentle, foaming cleaner removes dirt, oils and dead skin with natural fruit extracts, yet is non-exfoliating. A small amount is plenty enough to clean your face thoroughly, and it rinses away quickly and completely. It is vegan and color-free with a deliciously pleasant citrus scent.

Perfectly Posh Review5

SeaWitch Ocean Potion Clay Face Mask

One of my favorite items, this clay mask uses algae and kelp to deep clean your skin, fight free radical damage and leave your skin soft and looking ageless. The first time I used this I could tell it was really working to deep clean my skin by the tingling sensation, but the longer I use it the more amazing my skin looks!

The last item I tried was this wonderful lip balm that leaves my lips kissably soft.

Perfectly Posh Review6

Tree Hugger Lipshot Lipbalm

This lip balm is a luxurious mix of strawberry and nourishing butters and oils that hydrates my lips and leaves them supple and soft without the use of lanolin. It has a delicious strawberry scent and no waxy feeling.

My Verdict

Having used all of the above items I can honestly say that Perfectly Posh has become one of my favorite product lines! If asked I would be hard-pressed to pick just one favorite item, but I can say that the Hey Honey! Healing Hand Cream, the Daily Grind Coffee Scrub and the SeaWitch Clay Mask are definitely among my top choices! Want to get some Perfectly Posh pampering products for yourself? Visit Paula’s site at and be sure to connect with her on both Facebook and Pinterest to see all the great products offered and the latest deals, offers and giveaways!

And now to the giveaway!





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Thursday 26th of June 2014

I would love to try the Tree Hugger sugar scrub.

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Didi Marie

Monday 21st of April 2014

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Didi Marie

Monday 21st of April 2014

My, doesn't Sugar Fix Classic Body Sugar Scrub sound wonderful?! (Didi Marie at [email protected])

Robin Wilson

Sunday 20th of April 2014

I liked Perfectly Posh on FB as Robin Wilson and thanked her for the giveaway here. 2

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