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My Primovisto iPhone Case and The Beauty of Bamboo

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As a person hoping to do my part in keeping our planet as healthy as possible, I am trying to live more ‘green’ in every aspect of my life. This is much easier than it sounds, especially since there are so many things you can do to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. One way is by buying products that are made from sustainable resources. Luckily, as a blogger, I often get the chance to review products that are made from sustainable resources such as this gorgeous iPhone case from Primovisto I recently received. The case fits right in with my attempts at green living as it is made from my favorite sustainable resource, bamboo. Maybe you’ve read some of my other posts about bamboo products such as my review of the Bamboo Studio dish set. If so, then you already know why I love bamboo. If you haven’t, here’s just a few of the reasons why:

– bamboo requires no pesticides, no insecticides and no fertilizers,

– bamboo helps fight Global Warming by taking in 400% more greenhouse gases, 

– bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than standing trees making it an efficient replenisher of fresh air, 

bamboo is 100% biodegradable

– bamboo has a natural beauty


Primovisto’s products are a prime example of bamboo’s beauty, especially when placed in the hands of talented artists. Founded by two brothers in Ireland wanting to do their part in helping our planet stay healthy, Primovisto makes bamboo accessories specifically for Apple iPhones and iPads. Their accessories include beautiful bookstyle cases for iPads, iPhone skins and cases, and even iPhone sound docks –  all crafted from 100% bamboo.

Every Primovisto iPhone case and iPad case is handcrafted from a single block of grade A mosa bamboo. For greater durability, each one is triple reinforced which helps prevent cracking and splitting. The cases are then finished in the workshop using a combination of natural oils and waxes, and a very sophisticated laser engraving machine. The result is a beautiful and truly unique case that helps protect your Apple product.


The Primovisto iPhone 5S Case I received is incredibly lightweight and fits my phone perfectly. It has a lovely floral design on the front, and a soft fabric on the interior to protect the phone from scratches. The case comes in two parts, and to put it on your phone you simply lay the case on a flat surface and slide your phone into the top piece first. Once that part is securely on, you just slide on the bottom piece until it fits securely against the first part and that’s it! The two pieces fit together so well, you can barely see the line where they meet.


I absolutely love the way my phone looks with this case, and I also love its silky smooth feel! I can easily reach all buttons, and plus in the USB cord without a problem. The only drawback is that I have a screen protector that is a bit thicker than most so it would not fit inside the tightly fitting case. Thankfully there is a raised lip around the screen to add protection until I get a thinner screen protector. I’ll be sure to update and let you know how that one works!


Primovisto offers many beautiful designs from which to choose, including everything from stars to favorite sayings to pictures of Bob Marley! And if you don’t see one you like, you can submit your own design to be added to your case! They also look great without any design thanks to the natural beauty of bamboo. You can order any of Primovisto’s products directly through their website/ Prices are very reasonable, and the quality is excellent! Plus, delivery is fast! If you are looking for a beautiful case for your Apple product, look no further than Primovisto!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.