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Wonderful Winter Optics Lab Eye Care Collection

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Eye Care and Health: Optics Lab Eye Care


Wintertime wreaks havoc on eyes. Cold, blustery gusts of wind and over-heated indoor environments cause dry eyes. Seasonal allergies leave eyes itchy and red.  Lets not forget all of the colds and flus that leave your eyes red, itchy and dry, too!  And if your wear contacts, it can be even worse!  So when I received a package full of Optics Lab eye care products, the maker of OcuFresh and MiniDrops, I could swear my eyes teared up with gratitude!  Well, maybe not that dramatic, but I was happy and excited to try their Winter eye care Collection!


There are many types of eye-drops available, but did you know that there are different types that are to be used for specific purposes?  Below is a list of the most common types and what their proper use is.

  • Eye Wash – most often used as a remedy for urgent care situations such as when foreign particles get in your eyes.  Everyone has had this happen, and waiting for tears to naturally wash it out can take too long, and the instinct to rub your eye to get it out can do much more damage than help!  This is what eye wash is for.
  • Eye Drops that “Get the Red Out” – these drops are called ‘constrictors’ because they force the eye’s blood vessels to constrict, therefore “getting the red out”.  Did you know that the more these type of drops are used, the more they are needed to be used to get rid of the redness?  This can lead to an ‘addictive’ pattern of use and other long-term health problems.
  • Lubricant Eye Drops – these drops add moisture to provide temporary relief of dry eye syndrome.   They are not eye washes, and do not provide the benefit of cleaning.
  • Rewetting Eye Drops – this is used for when you do not want to remove your contacts, but still need to add moisture to your eyes and lenses.
  • Sterile Saline Rinse – for rinsing contact lenses after disinfection, and also for wetting them before putting them in your eyes.  It is not meant to be used as eye drops.


   Optics Lab makes many of these products, and I had the opportunity to try quite a few of their eye care products.  I was sent this great OcuWash tote bag that was filled with eye care products!  Inside the bag was $50 worth of much needed eye care relief including OcuFresh Eye Wash, MiniDrops Lubricant Eye Drops, Eye-Cept Rewetting Drops and OcuSave Eye Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. All of these products help preserve and improve the health of your eyes.

OcuFresh Eye Wash


What They Say:   cleans your eyes to remove pollen, air pollutants, loose foreign material and chlorinated water to help relive your eyes from stinging, irritation, burning, itching and discomfort.  Preservative-free and sterile, safe for the entire family.  Although this is mainly used for urgent care, it can also be used regularly to aid with burning, stinging and other irritation caused by pollen, pollutants, and other such irritants.

What I Say:  I love how this comes in handy, single-use bottles that are easy to carry without taking up a bunch of room in your purse, backpack, pockets, car and anywhere else you choose to carry it.  There is also a small cup included to use if you need.  Wouldn’t you know, maybe a week after the products arrived, something got into my eye that I was not able to get out by blinking until natural tears washed it out.  It was quite painful, and each time I blinked it felt like it was moving around and scratching my lens.  I was so happy I had some OcuWash to help remove it!  I easily and quickly opened one of the single-use bottles by turning the twist-off “tab” until it came off, providing a small opening for the wash to come out.  I leaned my head back and held it a few inches above my eye. Since the bottles are a soft, malleable plastic, I was able to control the flow by adjusting how hard I squeezing it. The wash was a bit chilly, but it quickly removed the item from my eye.  At the same time, the cool wash provided instant relief to my irritated eye.   I make sure to keep a bottle in my purse, and send two with my husband since he works in construction where it is very easy to get stuff in your eyes.


MiniDrops Lubricant Eye Drops

What They Say:  preservative-free lubricant eye drops for use as a protectant and/or lubricant against further irritation or to relieve dryness of the eye.  Helps temporarily relieve burning and irritation due to dryness of the eye, and discomfort due to wind, sun and other minor irritations. It is safe for daily use, and comes in biodegradable, convenient, single-use droppers.  Safe for the whole family, even those with sensitive eyes.
What I Say:  winter really irritates my eyes, cold winds and constantly blowing heat leaves my eyes dry and they often have a burning sensation, especially when I wear my glasses.  So I couldn’t wait to try MiniDrops!  They come in small, single use, soft plastic vials with twist off tab tops that are easily removed.  The small vials are perfect for carrying around, and the fact that they are single-use eliminates the possibility of bacteria getting around the hole and in turn into my eyes.  I find that my eyes burn worse when I am inside working on the computer or wat
ching TV, especially since we have electric heat which is incredibly drying!  I was delighted to find that just a few drops of MiniDrops per eye provided immediate, long-lasting relief!   One little vial contains enough drops for both eyes. I love this stuff!


Eye-Cept Rewetting Drops

What They Say:  these rewetting drops contain absolutely no thimerosal, other mercury-containing ingredients, chlorhexidine or other preservatives.  They are designed to improve the comfort of lens wearers by rewetting and rehydrating soft contacts.  Safe to use through out the day, for all lens-wearing family members.  Can be used with daily wear and extended wear soft contacts.  Not to be used for storage or disinfecting.
What I Say:  winter, and spring, are two of the worst seasons for me as a contact lens wearer!  The lens constantly dry out in my eyes, making them incredibly uncomfortable to wear.  The cold winds and warm heated air also dry them out, and leave my eyes burning.  I often use some type of re-wetting drops, but have noticed many only provide a short time worth of relief, or no relief at all depending on the brand.  The first time I tried Eye-Cept Rewetting Drops, the relief was instant and lasted for a good while!  They also work great to clear my lenses when they get cloudy, as well as quickly and easily removes particles of dust and other foreign matter.


OcuSave Eye Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

What They Say:  contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin for optimum eye health, may help prevent or slow the progression of macular degeneration, may help reduce the risk of cataracts, contains essential minerals to support ocular nutrition, powerful antioxidants for healthy eye vision.  One soft gel per day helps to ensure vitality and health for your eyes.  Like all supplements, these are not meant to treat, treat, prevent or cure any disease.
What I Say:  I like taking one, soft, easy-to-swallow supplement to help ensure the health of my eyes.

My Verdict:
I am impressed with how well all of these product work to help me care for the health of my eyes.  All of the different drops do exactly what they are mean to do, and the supplements contain some of the most important vitamins and minerals for eyes.  With plenty of weeks of cold weather left, and Spring and it’s pollen, hay fever and allergies right around the corner, all of these products will help me be prepared to keep my eyes fresh and bright!
All of these Optics Lab products can be found at many major drug stores and groceries such as CVS, Winn Dixie Harris Teeter and more, as well as many fine online retailers such as, Amazon and more  !

Win this great tote filled with soothing, refreshing Optics Lab eye care products!

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