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Zabada – The Green Way to Clean #ZabadaCleansIt

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Today living green has become more than just a fad, it has become a way of life. And part of that life is avoiding the use of toxic chemicals when cleaning our homes. While we are all aware that the toxic chemicals in our cleaning products are harmful to the environment, not many people know that many of those same chemicals are also known to lower your body’s immunity to bacteria with regular use. Zabada is working on ridding homes and the planet of poisonous chemical cleaners.


What is Zabada?

Zabada is a unique cleaning system that has been around in Australia and Europe for years. Believe it or not all you need to get your house sparkling clean is Zabada and a little good, old-fashioned water. That’s it! No sprays, no bleaches, no harmful chemicals. Together, water and Zabada have been proven to not only reduce the amount of chemicals in your home by 90%, but also to reduce the amount of bacteria by 95 to 100%!  And best of all, Zabada is easy to use, just wet the fibers, squeeze out the excess and start cleaning!

How Does Zabada Work?

The story is in the fibers!

“Zabada fibers are deeper, thicker and superior in quality compared to your average microfiber cloth. They’re made and hand-sewn in Austria to exacting European ISO* standards. They’re cut 100 times finer than a human hair to reach in and grab every particle from every kind of surface. And all they need to remove dirt and bacteria is a little water – the stuff that’s safe for your kids to drink.”

Zabada for Your Entire Home

Zabada offers several cleaning systems for kitchens, bathrooms, windows and more. You can find a system for every room in your house from the floors to the walls, and Zabada completely eliminates the need for a cabinet-full of chemicals! You can purchase individual pieces or bundles. So far I have tried the Zabada Floor Cleaning System and Bathroom System.


Floor Cleaning with Zabada

The Zabada Floor Cleaning System consists of a Floor Cleaner Pole and Head on which you can attach different Zabada fibers based on your needs. Since I have a linoleum floor in the kitchen and tile in the bathroom, I was sent the Dust Floor Fiber and the Hi Shine Floor Fiber.

The Dust Floor Fiber I used first to pick up dirt, dust, pet hair and other allergens. The first time I used it I was absolutely shocked at the amount of ickiness it picked up – especially since I had just swept and used a microfiber dust-mop the day before! This one Zabada Dust Floor Fiber cloth makes my broom and microfiber dust-mop obsolete (money-saver!).

Once I got all of the dust and other yuckiness up, I followed with the Hi Shine Floor Fiber. As advertised, you simply wet the fiber, squeeze the excess water out then attach it to the Zabada Floor Cleaner pole. The best way to use it is to move it towards you in an ‘S’ motion as you walk backwards. You can literally feel some resistance as the fibers reach, grab and pick up the dirt. If it starts to drag, simply add more water and carry on! 


Bathroom Cleaning with Zabada

For bathroom counters, there is the Zabada Bathroom Glove and the Bathroom Marvel. The glove has two sides, the clean side for removing calcium, lime, mold and soap from showers, basins and baths, and the ‘care’ side which gently cleans smooth surfaces such as mirrors, vanities and shower screens. Again, you just add water, squeeze it out and start swiping. Once done it is best to follow with the Bathroom Marvel – a super-absorbent microfiber cloth that dries and shines while leaving a streak-free and lint-free finish.

My Opinion of Zabada 

After using Zabada in practically every room in my home, I was simply amazed! I have to admit that at first I was sceptical. I mean, come on, a cloth and water are going to clean as well as my old cleansers? I refused to believe it until I tried it, and you know what? It really works – and it works well!

And you know what else? Zabada not only saves me money on buying cleaning supplies, but it can also save money by helping reduce your water consumption, energy consumption and solid waste, too! Check it out for yourself! Watch the video below, and then visit the Zabada website – you’ll be amazed!

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“Disclaimer: I am a member of The Social Media Panel, LLC. who was given the opportunity to review this product. However, the brand or company has not influenced me in any way to provide any type of review other than my true and honest opinions. I am disclosing all information provided in this review according to the information provided in Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”  I would like to extend my gratitude to Zabada for sponsoring this post.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.