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3 Ways to Avoid Costly Car Repairs

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Owning a car is expensive. There are car payments, insurance costs, the ever-changing price of gas, tag fees, and more. And that’s before you even consider the cost of car repairs! Many of us cannot do without a car, so we have to find ways to save. To help, I’ve gathered up the following 3 ways to avoid costly car repairs.

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Preventative Maintenance

This is perhaps by far one of the best ways to avoid costly car repairs in the long run. Cars, just like us humans, need regular care in order to run correctly longer. Preventative maintenance includes doing things such as changing your oil on a regular basis and making sure your tires are properly inflated.

Also, be sure to follow the suggested maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual for things like spark plug replacement, filter replacements, timing belt changes, and others.  If you really want to save money when it comes to your car, you need to start long before the check engine light comes on.

Always take your car to an experienced and trusted mechanic for its regular maintenance. One of the best places to find an experienced mechanic is at the dealership where you bought the car in the first place. Most dealerships, such as Rotolo’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, have a service department with licensed and/or experienced mechanics who deal with your vehicle’s make and model on a daily basis.

Do It Yourself Car Care

Another great way to save money in car care expenses is by doing some of the simple preventative maintenance and/or repairs yourself. Things such as filter replacement, checking fluid levels, and changing the oil are all things you can learn how to do yourself in order to save money. Other things you can do include changing your fluids and replacing your brakes and rotors. With the internet, there are all kinds of tutorials and articles you can use to teach yourself the basics of preventative car care.

However, when it comes to major repairs and recommended maintenance, always let a professional do the work.

Avoid Procrastinating When Something Goes Wrong

Another way to avoid costly car repairs is by taking your car in as soon as possible when there is an issue. That includes not ignoring the check engine light! It’s better to have the issue fixed immediately rather than having to deal with the possibility of permanent damage and a larger expense if the problem is ignored. Take your car to the dealership or another trusted mechanic as soon as an issue occurs.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to ways to avoid costly car repairs, there are many things you can do. By simply keeping up with regular oil changes, following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals, and driving moderately, you will find that your car repair costs will lower and your vehicle will run better longer.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.