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30SomeWeeks: Toxin-Free & Hypoallergenic Deodorant

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Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Everyday we hear of new eco-friendly and health-conscious products that are being made for us and our children.  Many of these products provide a much better alternative to what we used to use.  While looking at many of these products on the market, I came across a site on the internet called

The husband and wife team behind this site are the creators of a toxin-free and hypoallergenic deodorant called DeodoMom. They originally created this vegan, aluminum-free deodorant for pregnant moms as a result of their personal concerns about the amount of aluminum exposure during pregnancy, but it works for people of any age and any gender.

It definitely sparked my interest, especially after having heard about some of the studies on Aluminum Toxicity in the human body, and about how we are still learning of different diseases in which excessive amounts of aluminum may play a role.  And although I am not pregnant yet, I am very interested in using healthier products, especially for when that day comes.

DeodoMom is not only aluminum-free, but it also does not contain any alcohol/glycol, fragrance, dye or parabens.  Instead, it is made with a mineral that is literally safe enough to eat called Magnesium Hydroxide, along with water and, depending on the season and availability, some natural moisturizers and/or antimicrobial agents.

It is available in two forms, a roll-on and a cream that comes in a jar, both of which provide enough deodorant to typically last for at least 3 months.  Now this is not the first natural deodorant I have come across, and I have many friends who are into using more health-conscious and all-natural products, including deodorant, but I, personally, have never found one I liked well enough to continue to use.

However, I wanted to give DeodoMom a try, and 30SomeWeeks was kind enough to send both a jar and a roll-on.

I have always used some type of roll-on deodorant so when I saw I had a choice between a roll-on or a jar I chose to try the roll-on first. Since it has been quite awhile since I last used a liquid roll-on, it took a few times before I got used to the chilly wetness once it was applied; thankfully I found that it dried very quickly!

I also made the mistake of putting too much on the first time I used it and was left with white streaks all under my arms, but these quickly faded as it was absorbed into my skin.  Once I got used to the feeling and figured out the appropriate amount to use, I found that DeodoMom really did keep me dry and non-smelly. In fact, it kept me much drier than my usual choice of deodorant does especially during the hot, sticky Southern summers.

Another thing I noticed, which I am very happy about, is that I am no longer getting little red bumps under my arms. Awhile back I began to notice these little bumps and I was thinking they were razor burn, but now I am not so sure that they were not breakouts from the ingredients in my old deodorant, especially since they went away as soon as I began using DeodoMom!

I did try some of the DeodoMom in the jar where you use your fingers to apply it like you would with lotion.   I found it to be just a tad thicker, (due to the fact that the roll-on has a little more water in it so that it can ‘roll on’) and just as effective.  Both forms provide enough protection to keep me dry and smelling good through-out the day.

My opinion?  I have been using DeodoMom for about a month now, if not a little bit longer, and I am quite impressed with the results!   30SomeWeeks has a good thing going here!  If you’d like to see how it works for you, DeodoMom can be purchased through 30SomeWeeks website HERE.

For those of us in the United States, a jar will cost you $10, while the roll-on will cost $12; there is a few dollar difference for those who live in Canada and Europe.

Keep in mind, a 2oz. jar or one roll on should last you about 3 months, with a shelf-life of about a year if kept tightly sealed.

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Go Bronson!

Saturday 22nd of September 2012

I am not huge on most deodorants, but I would certainly check this out and give it a go!!


Friday 21st of September 2012

Interesting! I will have to look into it :)

Bethany Ferret

Friday 21st of September 2012

Thanks for sharing! I always love how many pics you post.


Thursday 20th of September 2012

I am not big on store bought deodorant. So many chemicals in them. This sounds great! Thanks for sharing!!


Thursday 20th of September 2012

I really hate all the chemicals in regular deodorant I would love to check this out!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.