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6 Ways to Fight Chronic Inflammation

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A medical condition or an injury that causes chronic inflammation can be difficult to manage. In order to improve your condition, you’ll need to stay mobile and possibly even attend physical therapy. However, when you’re struggling with chronic inflammation, basic movement may seem to aggravate your pain. Aggressively treating inflammation can reduce your pain levels and make mobility less strenuous. Here are some helpful ways to help fight chronic inflammation.

woman in pain needing ways to help fight chronic inflammation

Stay Engaged With Your Treatment Providers

Conditions that cause chronic inflammation often don’t cause the same level and intensity of inflammation at all times. When you attain temporary relief from your symptoms, you may be inclined to defer regularly scheduled appointments with your primary care physician or pain management physician.

Nevertheless, it’s important to stay connected with your treatment providers so that you can stay ahead of flare-ups and continue managing treatment to help make fighting chronic inflammation as effective as possible.

Fight Chronic Inflammation With CBD Cream

Using a CBD Cream is another thing that can help when fighting chronic inflammation. CBD can help you treat acute inflammation and manage your pain levels. The cannabinoids contained in CBD creams work with receptors in your body that regulate how your body processes and relays pain.

Research has demonstrated that CBD may generate a psychological effect on how pain is perceived by the brain as well as a physical effect on the areas that are affected by inflammation.

CBD creams present relatively few side effects, they are non-habit forming, and they can be applied to more than one area of the body. The best quality CBD treatments are derived from all-natural or organic hemp oil.

Get Occupational Therapy

In addition to physical therapy, occupational therapy is another option that can help you fight chronic inflammation. Occupational therapy is geared towards helping you perform daily and work-related activities with less pain.

An occupational therapist can offer guidance about how to complete specific tasks or recommend ergonomic equipment that can help you perform them with less pain.

Much like a physical therapist, he or she may also advise specific exercises to do during your treatment sessions and on your own at home.

Pace Yourself at Work

When fighting chronic inflammation, if you have a demanding agenda in a given workday, don’t overdo it. Being extremely productive over the course of one day isn’t worth sacrificing your mobility or productivity for the rest of the week.

Instead, structure your schedule in a way that is reasonable for you. If you feel that too much is being asked of you, talk with your employer or colleagues about what you need to do to modify plans and propose a reasonable alternative.

Get Adequate Rest

Getting enough sleep is very important in fighting chronic inflammation. Your body needs sleep to control inflammation and repair damaged or inflamed tissue. If you fail to get enough rest, you’ll compromise your ability to address inflammation.

Moreover, you’ll be more susceptible to experience muscle fatigue throughout your day, which can considerably exacerbate your symptoms and cause them to set in with relatively little physical activity. Make it a point to give yourself at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Pain can understandably make it more difficult to get comfortable and fall asleep, but you should take whatever steps you can to make yourself more comfortable so as to get to bed at a reasonable hour. If necessary, start going to be a little earlier than you normally do to help ensure you get the best night’s sleep.

Lose Weight

Carrying excessive weight on your body can make fighting chronic inflammation more difficult and the inflammation more severe. The additional strain being put on your muscles and joints can cause a considerable burden.

In addition, your knees and hips may be overburdened by excessive weight and could be more prone to permanent damage to your cartilage or ligaments. Losing excess body weight will relieve you of an unnecessary physical burden that could be worsening your pain.

Additionally, losing weight provides other health benefits that can aid in reducing inflammation. Weight-loss is often accompanied by an improved cardiovascular function which will allow your body to more easily distribute oxygen and nutrients that play a role in healing.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Fight Chronic Inflammation

Living with and fighting chronic inflammation is no walk in the park. However, reducing the inflammation will help you move better, maintain better joint and muscle health, and improve your overall quality of life.

Prioritize making some small adjustments to your lifestyle and pursuing alternative treatment methods for appreciable relief from chronic inflammation.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.