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A Green Alternative to paper Plates: Paperless Kitchen

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Bambu Veneerware

Did you know that there are about 3000 tons of paper towel waste being produced per day?  What about all those other paper products people use and throw away almost on a daily basis such as paper napkins, paper cups and paper plates?

And the kitchen is the one room in the average house that produces the most waste, which is why it is one of the best places to start when you want to help conserve and become ‘greener’.

Paperless Kitchen has everything you need to help you begin!  This fabulous online store has a giant selection of eco-friendly, green kitchen products and alternative paper products.

My last Paperless Kitchen review covered some wonderful reusable, bamboo-paper towels made by Bambooee which have wound up lasting quite a while, saving me a lot of money instead of buying regular paper towels, and saving a lot of unnecessary waste.

Now I want to tell you about another eco-friendly, alternative paper product, this one by a company called Bambu, their Veneerware Disposable Bamboo plates.

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These awesome plates are the eco-friendly answer to paper plates. Bambu Veneerware is made of fibers from certified organic bamboo plants as opposed to paper pulp made from trees.

They are much more environmentally friendly, and a lot sturdier and more attractive than paper or Styrofoam plates.  They are available in several different sizes, and two shapes, round or square.

I also noticed a pleasant, fresh-wood-type scent when I first opened the pack, which added to the wooden impression I first received when feeling their sturdiness.

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I received an eight pack of the square, 7” Bambu plates from Paperless Kitchen for review. The first thing I noticed was the sturdiness of the plates. Although they are thin, they are incredibly sturdy, almost like you would imagine a wooden plate to be.

The plates are a pretty pale color, very natural, with slightly darker grains;  much more attractive than plain white paper plates or even colored ones. They are completely bleach and dye-free, and will completely biodegrade within 4 to 6 months.

Although they are disposable plates, I found it easy to rinse them off, let air-dry and re-use.  I wouldn’t advise soaking the plates or putting them in a dishwasher, since they are meant to be disposable, and are not dishwasher safe!

I just used a soapy sponge to clean, then quickly rinsed them off and set aside to dry.

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Paperless Kitchen offers a nice selection of Bambu Veneerware plates, with prices from $10 and up depending on size and amount.  They also have a great selection of Veneerware utensils which are made by Bambu, as well. 

Plus, many other eco-friendly, alternative paper products, cleaning supplies and tools, towels and cloths and other kitchen accessories. 

All products can be purchased directly through the site at

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Julia Potvin

Thursday 15th of November 2012

Love the looks of these, we do go use paper plates for light lunches and snacks these would be way better, love that can be rinsed and reused!

Melinda Dunne

Wednesday 14th of November 2012

I haven't seen these before but they look awesome! I love that you can rinse off and reuse that is great for days when you just have a sandwich with chips.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.