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Branding Tips for Coffee and Ice Cream Shops

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When it comes to establishing a brand, you want a logo that is going to catch a person’s eye. Something people are going to remember. Use these easy branding tips to create a brand people will love.

If you want to brand your coffee or ice cream shop, then avoid using plain white paper cups. One of the best ways to get brand recognition is by using a colorful cup design with unique embellishments. A shop owner should visit ice cream and coffee shops to see what other businesses are using in order to avoid duplicating the same color of lid and cup. It is also an excellent idea to have a supply company’s artists create several designs to show to a test market of customers.

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Research Other Shops

Coffee cups and lids are a necessity for a coffee shop, and it is better to have an original design. If you see another individual carrying a cup of coffee, then you are attracted to its design. You might ask the individual where the coffee shop is located because you recognize its brand. In addition, you may not realize that a manager creates specialty designs for the beverages served in a coffee shop, but if you see the cups on a television commercial, then you will recognize its brand. 

Even if you need to sell a specialty cup at a modest price, it’s worth the costs to produce something unique says Gelato Products. Branding helped launch Starbucks, and it was the company’s unique cups that helped push the idea.

Design a Logo

Custom printed cups are one of the best ways to increase your customer traffic at an ice cream or coffee shop. First, you need to have a graphic artist design a logo in colors that will complement a container’s lid and cup. Use your chosen designs on billboard, newspaper or television advertisements to lure more customers to buy your ice cream or coffee. 


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