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How to Buy Affordable Dancewear for Your Kids

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When the time comes for your children to start participating in sport activities, dance is a great option for both girls and boys. As there are many different dance styles to choose from, you should find out which one interests your child the most.

The most popular dance styles include jazz, hip-hop, and tap.

As is the case with most activities, the right equipment matters when it comes to dance too. If you are worried about finding affordable dancewear for your kids, don’t be! There are dance dresses on clearance all year round.

Types of Dance for Kids

Before you decide to enroll your child in a dance class, you need to make several important decisions first, such as figuring out what is the right age to start and finding a studio with reputable instructors.

As far as what type dance class, there are several different styles your child can choose from. It is common for kids to try out several styles before they settle on a single one.

Additionally, each dance style has its own unique dancewear:

Ballet and Pointe

Ballet is a form of art that has been studied and practiced for many years. In this type of dance, it is common for children to begin at a young age. As your boy or girl grows, he or she might decide to move on to Pointe.

Pointe differs from traditional ballet in that the dancer wears shoes that make it possible to stand on tippy toes while dancing. The main dance gear for Pointe and ballet dancers includes tights, leotards, and ballet shoes.


Jazz combines different dance styles such as modern ballet and other ethnic dance styles. It has more room for creativity than ballet and is less serious too. During practice, dancers mostly wear tights, leotards, and jazz shoes.

If your child does not feel comfortable in tight, restrictive clothing, you can buy him/her some jazz pants, which are freer. Another costume option for jazz dancers is a pair of shorts and a camisole worn over a leotard.


Young children have enjoyed this form of dance for years. With the many intricate foot movements that tap involves, your child will be able to develop some rhythm as well as foot coordination. The most common dancewear for tap is tights, leotards, and tap shoes.


This is one of the most unconventional and creative dance styles. Hip-hop is full of excitement and energy and does not have a rigid dance structure. With the high amount of turning, kicking, jumping, and spinning that this dance involves, your child will learn strength, memory, rhythm, and attitude.

In hip-hop dancing, you do not need to buy formal dance gear such as leotards. You should stick with basic dance clothes and comfy shoes.

Types of Dancewear

Once you figure out the type of dance your child wants to take part in, you need to buy the necessary dancewear.  Here are some common costumes that you should be considering:


A leotard is a skin-tight clothing that covers the entire torso but leaves the legs bare. These are versatile items and can be worn for different dance styles.  You can choose from many different styles, including short-sleeved, tank, and skirted.


Many studios require their dancers to wear leotards during performances and practice.


These are mostly paired with leotards. They are stretchy and thin garments that allow the dancer to move freely. You can choose from a variety of different tights: footed, convertible, and footless.


The type of shoe that you need to buy depends on the dance style that your child chooses: ballet, tap, jazz, or hip-hop.

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Wednesday 13th of September 2017

This is a great guide for first time dance parents. Whether your kid is seriously into dancing or just pursuing it as a hobby, it's still important to have the right gear. the right shoes for one help to prevent injury

Alaina Bullock

Wednesday 13th of September 2017

Yes! The best way to prevent injuries is by using the correct gear!

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