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Buying Your First Home Together? Read This First

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Buying your first home together is something you’ll always remember. It’s another ‘first’ in a long line of the relationship. However, things aren’t as simple as they might seem. Joining your lives together in this way can put strain on a couple, so it’s best to understand what’s involved. Perhaps it will become a comfortable home to raise a family in. Maybe it’s a steppingstone to something bigger. Either way, there are lots of factors to consider. We’ll introduce just a few of them today.

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Find a good real estate agent
It’s always a good idea to have an experienced professional in your corner. A good estate agent is your guide to the tricky world of property, and they’ll help cut through the noise. Choose someone with particular experience in the location you’re looking at too. Of course, you can always start the initial search on your own. By scouring property websites, you can get the groundwork done and see what’s out there.

Be honest about what you want
It’s crucial that both you and your partner are honest about what you really want in a home. Holding anything back at this point will only breed resentment in the future. It’s time to have a long chat about your future, and your personal goals. Where is your ideal location? Are your priorities transport links, schools, or space? Everything down to what style of architecture you prefer. The more honest and open you are up front; the easier things will be.

Family planning
One aspect that might lay unspoken so far is the issue of family planning! Are you thinking about bringing some little ones into the world any time soon? If you are, that will significantly affect your property search. If the answer is yes, then your search becomes a lot more focused around the potential baby! What are the local schools like? Are you looking at child-friendly houses? Is there enough space in the property, and is there a good garden?

Be honest about money
Next, there’s the big question of money. Buying (or even renting) requires a frank discussion about finances. If you’re buying, there will be conversations with mortgage brokers and lawyers. You and your partner ought to be on the same page financially. How much can you afford? How much are you willing to spend? It’s often difficult for some but opening up about your financial situation is essential.

Make the decision together
This might seem like an obvious piece of advice. But, often, one partner gets carried away while house hunting. This is a decision that you must both make together. There will be compromise, and that’s okay! You just need to communicate effectively and reach a decision you’re both happy with. That will make it even sweeter when you finally get the keys to your new home together!

Congratulations! If you’ve followed through this far, you are ready to take the next big step. Buying your first home together is a big deal, and a wonderful step forward. Good luck!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.