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CBD Salve for Pain from Shingles

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“Varicella-zoster virus” is the viral infection responsible for shingles, and also for childhood chickenpox. Claims suggest that if you have had chickenpox at some point in your life, your brain and spinal cord retain a form of this virus, typically remaining dormant for the remainder of your life. But in some cases, the virus erupts violently into a resurgence, not in the form of chickenpox, but rather as shingles. And the pain from shingles can be pure misery.

CBD can help with pain from shingles like these on this man's back

CBD boasts incredible benefits as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, among many other useful characteristics. It has shown to be effective in relieving symptoms for several specific conditions both physical and mental. And the one thing people want the most is pain management, whether they experience acute or chronic episodes of discomfort. 

Because shingles are associated with the nerves and incredible pain symptoms, it would make sense to presume that cannabidiol is an ideal remedy for relieving the symptoms that come with the condition including the pain from shingles. 

As is true in most cases where CBD is concerned, the studies are lacking regarding how it might react to shingles, but anecdotally speaking, it could be an effective alternative in helping with the treatment.

The Fundamentals Of Shingles

Among the most common symptoms associated with shingles is an exceptionally painful, blistering rash. CBD can work as an analgesic helping to manage pain from shingles. Some other common symptoms include:

  • Numbness, burning in the rash area
  • Itching
  • Light sensitivity
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Fatigue

For the most part, people who develop shingles recover completely, but there are cases where people endure long-term complications due to damaged nerves. These can include skin infections, lost vision, and neuralgia. 

Studies have not determined the precise cause of shingles to this point, but there are some indications leaning towards a weakened immunity system because the condition tends to affect those in the 50+ age group.

Immune compromised individuals suffering from diseases like HIV or those with severe conditions like cancer add to the potential victims who fall prey to the virus.

Treatments Typically Associated With Shingles

Generally speaking, it’s estimated that the illness can take up to six weeks to run its course depending on how long it takes to start treatment. It could possibly go longer if care is delayed.

When it comes to getting treatment, typically, doctors will start patients on an antiviral prescription to decrease the intensity of the infection along with pain medicine and ointments that can help to numb the pain from shingles and soothe the skin.

These CBD products are the best option because they can be applied directly to the target region, which is the rash, working to regulate the inflammatory reaction and reduce pain from shingles.

CDB and Treating the Pain from Shingles

Recently, there is ever-increasing evidence indicating that CBD is useful in managing pain in multiple ways. If the research is applied appropriately it could lead to recognition for the substance as a possible aid in helping to manage the symptoms including the pain from shingles.

There have been claims suggesting that CBD helps in fighting nerve or neuropathic pain, which is one of the most challenging types of pain to combat with typical medications like NSAIDs or opioids. Since the pain from shingles is directed along nerve passageways, it appears that CBD has the capacity to intervene.

We already know that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic. We also know that there is significant inflammation associated with shingles, and where there is inflammation there is pain. Therefore, if you can decrease the inflammatory response, the pain, in turn, reduces as well. 

CBD Topicals And Application

In most situations, people prefer to have instant relief of the uncomfortable symptoms they’re experiencing especially when dealing with the pain from shingles. CBD topicals are the best way to treat this pain. These forms of CBD are the best option because they can be applied directly to the target region and get to work to regulate the inflammatory reaction.

CBD topicals include salves, creams, lotions, and more.

Final Thought

As of now, there are no research studies or scientists that can proclaim CBD’s effectiveness in helping to treat shingles and the pain from shingles conclusively.

Most of the studies pertaining to cannabidiol are in their infancy, ongoing, or pending, due to regulatory guidelines. Currently, the only official medical approval is related to a rare form of epilepsy. 

Therefore, when it comes to using CBD to treat certain issues, most people are relying on anecdotal studies, stories, or reports from people who have tested the waters and found success. IN addition, there are also several professionals who have conducted their own studies with positive results.

So right now, what we are seeing is “a potential,” and for those who want to try CBD based on that potential, you have that option, especially if all else is failing you. It’s not a bad option to take.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.