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Dog Care 101: Are You Doing Enough For Your Furry Friend?

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When the Beatles sang “All you need is love,” they must’ve been talking exclusively about humans. Because, quite frankly, your four-legged friend needs far much more for a happy life. If you aren’t willing to go that extra mile, you shouldn’t have a pet in the first place. Are you doing enough for your furry friend? Find out with Dog Care 101.

dog care mainImage via Pexels

So what are the key factors that you should look out for? Let’s take a closer look.

#1. Put Safety First

Safety always comes first when dealing with the human members of your family, and your dog shouldn’t be any different. This guide to keeping pets safe at home will go a long way to helping your cause, but you shouldn’t stop there.

It’s particularly vital to think about the safety of your pets when traveling. Like humans, they could need injections if visiting strange terrains. Meanwhile, you must also upgrade the car to ensure that your furry friend is safe during those long journeys.

#2. Integrate New Additions

Emotional happiness is just as important as the dog’s physical health. Therefore, it’s imperative that you go the extra mile to ensure that they settle in a comfortable manner. Getting dogs to get on with cats is notoriously the hardest task. If you can master this, though, you can master just about any animal-related relationship.

It’s equally important to consider the relationship they share with the kids too. Dogs bring a lot of love into the home, but some children can be scared. Encouraging a strong bond from day one is essential.

#3. Stop Ignoring Problems

Like humans, your pets are likely to encounter illnesses and conditions over the years. These could range from serious risks like cancer to smaller problems. Meanwhile, they could encounter issues with joints and muscles.

dog care dog at vetImage via Wikimedia

Whatever those issues might be, quick action is crucial. A professional veterinary surgeon will always give you the best chance of getting your dog back to its best in the quickest time. If it helps your pup live a healthier and happier life, this should be considered essential.

#4. Place Focus On Exercise

While a healthy diet should be the first concern, it’s pivotal that you pay enough attention to exercise too. Not only will this go a long way to boosting your pup’s physical health. Perhaps more importantly, it aids the emotional development too.

Finding games that actively encourage your dog to work for his or her food is key. Combine this with a mixture of familiar and new walks to give your furry friend the full package, and you will not regret it.

#5. Grooming

We can all appreciate the impact of positive grooming for the dog’s appearance. However, it can also have a telling impact on its health. Whether it’s sending the pooch to a professional parlor or completing the tasks yourself doesn’t matter. Great grooming is essential for preventing multiple illnesses and conditions.

Aside from anything else, regular grooming gives you that extra incentive to take greater pride in your pet. If that doesn’t lead to long-term rewards, what will?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.