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Get Back On Your Feet After A Car Crash

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There are some things in life we can’t prepare for, and one thing no one expects is to end up in a car accident. But studies show that over the course of a typical lifetime, most people will file an insurance claim for a car accident every 17.9 years. This amounts to most people having a road traffic collision on between three and four separate occasions. Of course, it is important to bear in mind that not all of these crashes will be fatal, or even serious. But it is important that you know what to do should you end up in a collision that borders on serious.

Get Back On Your Feet After A Car Crash driving in rainImage via wikimedia

Immediately afterward

There’s no doubt that car crashes are dramatic, especially if it’s a two-vehicle collision. The first thing to do is to check yourself over to see if you have been hurt in any way, and so you don’t damage yourself any further. Don’t drive off or worse, abandon your car – you will need to stay at the scene. If another car was involved, check to see if the other driver and/or passengers are alright. You then need to consider the position of your car and yourself on the road. If you are on a busy highway, you may be at risk of getting hit by the other traffic, or your car could be posing a threat to another driver on the road. If it is safe to do so, move your vehicle to the side of the road, but if it is too dangerous just switch the hazard lights on and wait until the police arrive. You or the other driver involved may be both trying to blame the other, but try and keep calm – getting into an argument will only make things worse.

The next few days

Once you are home safely, you will need to contact your insurance company to let them know what has happened. You will have a limited amount of time in which to contact your insurer in order to be covered by their policy, so don’t delay this. If you plan on making a claim, make sure you hire an attorney to represent you should the case go to court – you will be able to find one on a site such as Visit your doctor to check that you are still of sound health and to get any injuries you may have sustained checked out. You may also need to source a replacement vehicle if your car was a write-off or if it needs fixing.

Get Back On Your Feet After A Car CrashImage via Flickr

The next few weeks

Aside from all the practicalities and legalities, a car accident can also have a severe impact on your mental health and on your confidence. You may be reluctant to drive again, and it could transform you from an assured and relaxed driver into someone who is fearful of every time they get behind the wheel. It’s only natural to be a little nervous the next time you get in a car, but try not to overthink it too much. Yes, it’s a good idea to learn from your mistakes and to be a more mindful driver as a result of your accident. But remember that serious accidents are still rare, and that you can still put yourself in danger on the roads by being overly cautious too.

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