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Home Washing Machine Maintenance: Keeping Your Washer at Peak Performance

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Your washing machine is one of your most important home appliances and if you have a family or change clothes often it is likely called on to be a workhorse. This is why, in addition to proper washing machine maintenance, the experts recommend that you purchase a high-quality brand to ensure that it is built for longevity.

Although many people think that washing machines are virtually indestructible, the reality is that they are finely tuned appliances that need care for them to work their best. With this in mind, you need to do things that will keep it working well for more than a decade.

washing machine maintenance tips

Washing Machine Warranty Coverage

Before we go over some important ways to maintain your washer, you should remember that sometimes washing machines, like all appliances, break due to defective parts or simply wear and tear. And for this reason, you should get washing machine home warranty coverage. The best plans should cover the following:

  • Water Level Switch and Water Inlet Valve
  • Water Temperature Switch and Lid Switch
  • Brakes and Clutch Assembly
  • Timer, Sequencer, Control Board, Touchpad
  • Actuator, Drive Basket, Motor and Power Supply
  • Agitator and Pump Coupling
  • Electrical Parts, Gas Parts, and more

In other words, when you purchase the plan, your washing machine is fully covered against failure.

Home Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Even once you obtain warranty coverage, there are still some simple things you can do to help ensure your washing machine runs its best for many years to come. Here are five common tips on washing machine maintenance.

1. Do Not Overload Your Washing Machine

A washing machine is designed to wash loads that reach up to about 90% of its capacity. Therefore, you should only loosely fill it. Avoid jamming a pile of clothes into it with the idea of getting more washed in less time. Doing so will cause the machine to work harder putting unnecessary stress on the motor and increasing the chances of needing to service or even replace the machine sooner. Besides, an overloaded machine will not get your clothes as clean as it would with a normal size load.

2. Always Wash a Full Load of Laundry

At the same time, you should also avoid washing loads that are too small. This will cut down on the number of times you use the washing machine leading to less wear and tear and better longevity. You will also save money on water and electricity by taking this approach.

If you have a partial load, simply wait until you have a full load. If you have a few important pieces that you need washed immediately, consider hand washing them.  In other words, wait until you have a full load of laundry before you use your washing machine.

Keep an Eye on Washer Hoses

Your washing machine comes with hoses that run from a water source and into the unit to provide water for washing. There is also a hose to take out dirty water. As part of washing machine maintenance, both of these hoses should be checked on a regular basis for clogs or leaks.

If you find a problem, go ahead and replace the hoses. They typically have a five-year life span and are very easy to replace. If you are not certain, you should replace them anyway because they could cause a flood in your home if they rupture.

Clean Your Lint Filters Regularly

All washing machines have lint and dust filters in order to remove random clothing fibers and larger pieces of dirt on your clothing when you are washing them. These filters should be cleaned often or your clothes will not be as clean.

When in Doubt call a Maintenance Person

When it comes to washing machine maintenance, there are some things that are best left to the professionals. These include if your washing machine is making any strange noises or emitting any bad smells. You should also never see any smoke or oil coming from your washing machine. Also, gears grinding or the tub being out of alignment demands an immediate call to a professional service person.

Do these washing machine maintenance checks and treat your washing machine well, and it will serve you for more than a decade.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.