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Jobs Available While Traveling

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Now that travel restrictions are to be easing in many parts of the world, a lot of people are considering the possibility of going to explore the planet once again. However, there are a lot of hidden expenses that can come with traveling.

Obviously, there are the costs associated with flying (or other transportation), accommodation, not to mention eating and drinking along the way. And all of that is before the primary focus of travel, which is usually visiting the tourist hotspots, most of which charge an admission fee.

With that in mind, it is prudent to consider taking a job while traveling, in order to fund all of the enjoyable trips and perks of being a tourist. Below are some of the most common jobs available while traveling, as well as some useful advice on how to make that work.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in person

With billions of learners taking the time and effort to learn English, now is the perfect time to consider becoming a TEFL teacher. There are a couple of primary ways to do this, either in person or online, and each have their own plus points.

Teaching in person means that there is the opportunity to instantly connect with students face to face, without worrying about the internet cutting out, or the dreaded time lag that can occasionally occur online. What is more, with most countries having a large population of young learners taking on the challenge of learning English, it seems as though there is no shortage of opportunities for the TEFL tutor to begin their teaching journey.

Teaching in person can also be hugely rewarding when done as a career, because there are so many upsides to a job well done. Initially, the reaction of a student when they figure something out for the first is absolutely priceless, and can not be put into words. Furthermore, witnessing a student learning arc as it progresses through an academic is merely wonderful.

Finally, teaching in person offers a stability that does not always exist in other professions, and provides a learning environment where teacher and learner alike are comfortable with the expectations and demands of TEFL. All in all, teaching TEFL in person is vastly rewarding, and well worth considering as a career.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) online

Having said that, teaching English online can also have its positives too, whether that be working with younger learners, or focusing on higher level skills with more advanced students. In addition, class sizes are typically smaller, and the day can be more flexibility arranged around online teaching, which does make it more accommodating for travel plans. 

Nowadays, the vast majority of global citizens have some form of access to the digital marketplace, and this provides an opportunity to teach students from all four corners of the planet in one day. In addition, there is the issue of time zones, which can be more easily managed with an online position. Technically, it could be possible to teach a morning class to a Japanese student while they are in the evening, and then flip the calendar to work with a Brazilian learner when they wake up, when it is evening for the teacher.

Either way, the best bet is to get certified, with a range of flexible and affordable options currently available on the market to facilitate this. Being qualified means that the TEFL instructor has the best chance of starting their new job successfully, being able to answer student questions quickly and effectively, as well as relearning some of the basics of the English language.

Tour guide

While there are many jobs these day that involve heavy business travel, some positions allow the worker to be a bit more savvy with their traveling. One such vocation is that of a tour guide, which combines the necessity of travel with the joys of sightseeing, all in one go.

In effect, a tour guide has to have all of the knowledge about a city or specific sightseeing spot, combined with a witty and confident delivery style to keep the audience engaged. Luckily, English is a much sought after language in this sphere, as many tourists use English as a second language to enjoy their trip. This means that in almost every corner of Earth, it is possible to find work as a local tour guide.

There are a couple of side benefits to considering this type of work. First of all, it enables the guide to get paid while travelling, which keeps the money in the guide’s pockets for other trips out. Secondly, after the initial time investment of learning about the site, the patter can be practiced and fine tuned, saving a lot of time and energy further down the road. 

Sports instructor

Although there are some unusual jobs that combine travel and work nowadays unusual jobs that combine travel and work nowadays, the reality is that most positions do follow a conventional path that has been well-trodden by workers over the years. One such example of this is a sports instructor, which is a career that can be enjoyed year-round. 

In the wintertime, it is possible to take to the piste and become a ski instructor, which is a wonderful job to have in places such as the Alps or Rockies. In Europe, most of the mountains are located in countries where English is not the first language, which is fortunate for an English speaker as it means their skills are even more in demand.

In the summertime, by contrast, there are many sports that are enjoyed by non-native English speakers in almost any nation, such as tennis or golf. With tennis, a lot of people wish to improve their abilities with a skilled technician, who can help them get better at their game. As for golf, courses globally are lined with amateurs who would like to fine tune aspects of their game, from tee to green. A considerate and helpful instructor is much wanted in these areas too.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.