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Maximizing Space in Your Home Using These Storage Ideas

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Space in big cities is always at a premium. The architects of London’s towers will tell you that the only way to find space is to go up but don’t believe them. When it comes to maximizing space, these simple decluttering and storage solutions can help you find acres of space in your home that you never knew you had.

the tiny nursery has been set up to look great while still maximizing space

Less Means More

Using a minimalist approach can help you a lot when it comes to maximizing space in your small London home. Decluttering and cleansing can give your home a fresh look, and make rooms more spacious. Seriously sorting out storage involves taking an inventory of all your belongings and deciding what’s truly necessary, and most importantly what is not.

Start by categorizing your items into four groups; keep, sell, donate, and trash. This is a time to be ruthless, and try to find excuses to get rid of things, not keep them. Give your bits and pieces a shelf life. How long have they sat on the shelf? Or in a box? Or under the stairs? If it is over a year or so perhaps they need a long-term storage solution, or to be thrown away or recycled.

With less clutter, it becomes easier to organize and place the things you do want to keep in your home. Living spaces will feel more spacious, breathable, and enjoyable, reflecting a minimalist aesthetic that helps live a London life.

For Everything Else, Offsite Storage

When you’ve cleared out your living spaces you may have a collection of things you can’t bear to part with, but are not much use in a cupboard or drawer. Everyone has these items, don’t worry. Finding space can be worth investing in for these types of keepsakes or seasonal possessions. Self-storage facilities offer an excellent solution, providing a secure space for those excess belongings that just don’t fit in your home or in your life.

Look for options with a strong reputation for security, cleanliness, and customer service. Try to find storage that offers features like 24-hour access, monitored CCTV cameras, and climate control if you’re storing delicate items.

As an example, Safestore’s storage locations will offer these things including intruder alarms. By securely storing excess items offsite, you can create a more comfortable, spacious home without sacrificing your prized possessions.

Combine Style And Storage

One of the smartest ways to create additional storage space in a home is by using multifunctional furniture. These sofas, coffee tables, and beds not only serve their primary function but also offer hidden compartments for stowing away possessions and maximizing space.

Consider replacing your traditional bed with one that has built-in drawers underneath, or an ottoman-style bed that lifts up the mattress to reveal a large, hidden storage space. This effectively utilizes a wasted area and offers ample space for bedding, off-season clothing, or anything else you prefer to keep out of sight.

a bed with drawers combines style with function for maximizing space in a small home

A coffee table with storage compartments or one that opens up to reveal a storage area can help you keep your living room organized. Even something as simple as a bench or sofa with a lift-up seat can provide a surprising amount of additional space for things like DVDs and video games. Multifunctional furniture pieces can provide a two-for-one deal; form and function. They keep your home stylish and clutter-free when you are maximizing space.


Finding space anywhere in London is a big challenge, but you should be able to make a few extra square feet in your own home with these top tips on maximizing space. Using furniture as storage can help you clear away the clutter you can’t bear to part with, and for everything else, there is self-storage on your doorstep if you know where to look. Bring light, air, and space to your home today, and keep the hustle and bustle outside.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.