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Nostalgia Electrics: Small Electric Appliances

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This is a season filled with fun and laughter, parties and family get-together’s. Want to make your party one to remember?  From popcorn makers to cupcake bakers, from retro ice cream makers to kegorators, Nostalgia Electrics makes unique and innovative small electrics to make your party one to remember!

I had the opportunity to review their Cream Filled Cupcake Bakery which helps you to make delicious, cream-filled cupcakes in just a few minutes!  The whimsically-colored, pink, and purple Cupcake Bakery is the perfect solution for busy bakers!  It comes complete with everything you need including a decorating tool to add the creamy inserts, and some delicious recipes included with the instructions.  No liners, no messy pans to clean, no hot over to sweat over, you just need the ingredients and a few minutes of time!

Before you use the bakery for the first time, you should wipe it down with a warm damp cloth., then dry with a soft towel.   There are indicator lights to let you know when it is on and fully preheated: red for power on, green for when it is ready for you to add the batter.  Bear in mind, always use a pot holder or glove when opening or closing the lid to prevent burns.  The outside surface does not get too hot to the touch, but accidents happen and you can burn your fingers on the inside surface if you are not careful!

I first lightly greased the molds and the inside of the lid with cooking oil to ensure no sticking (there are 8 molds, four tops and four bottoms).  I poured a dab of oil on a towel and rubbed it in the molds and across the inside of the lid.   Although it does have nonstick surfaces, this helps protect the nonstick quality of the cooking surface.  Next I plugged it in and let it warm up while I made the cupcake mix.  You may smell a faint odor or see a little bit of smoke the first time it preheats, but this is normal, just let it fade away completely before using the appliance.

Once the green light came on, I filled the molds close to 2/3 full with batter, closed the cover, made sure the locking mechanism caught, and then began to mix the cream filling while the cupcakes cooked.  It can take anywhere from 2 to 7 minutes to bake, depending on the type of pastry being cooked and personal taste.  You will know they are getting close when the kitchen begins to fill with a heavenly smell!

I over-filled the first time

When the cupcakes were ready (it took my first batch about 4 or 5 minutes), I used a plastic spatula to gently remove the cupcakes.  They will pop out easily as long as you remembered to lightly grease the molds.  Do not use metal utensils as you can damage the unit!  Watch your fingers as well, the cooking surface is hot!

The result of over-filling

One by one I removed the cupcake halves and placed them on a rack to cool, then added more batter to start on the second batch.  After the first batch had cooled, I used the included syringe-like decorating tool to inject the cream in the hollowed-out center of the cupcake bottom.  Once it was filled, I added the top, then let my son use the same cream I used for the filling for the icing on top.  Four mini-cream filled cupcakes were ready to go, with more on the way!

Cooling on the rack
Use the included injector to add cream to the hollowed out spaces in the bottoms
The finished product.  Hint: wait until completely cooled next time! 

Clean-up is amazingly simple as well.  Once it has cooled completely, wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth, dry it, then tuck the cord neatly into its own space on the bottom of the unit.  Since it is so light and compact, finding storage space is a cinch!

love how the cord has its own little space on the bottom!

At first, I was kind of disappointed to realize you could only make four cupcakes at a time, but I quickly realized that this little machine bakes them so quickly, that it takes about the same amount of time as it would to put a full batch of cupcakes in the oven and waiting for them to bake! I was amazed at how quickly the cupcakes baked and how golden brown they were once removed.

I used one of the recipes from the included booklet for both the cupcakes and the filling, and they were a huge hit! I especially liked how the cream was not overly sweet; it reminded me of the whipped-cream based icing instead of the buttercream icing. Of course, you can also use your own homemade recipe, or a store–bought mix and save even more time! Any recipe you use will turn out perfectly!

A few things to watch, as I quickly learned when making the very first batch.  Don’t over-fill the molds anymore than 2/3 of the way because it will ooze out!  Also, wait to add the cream in the center until they have cooled completely or it will melt and the tops will not stay on very well.   Same with icing!  The lesson?  Don’t be in a hurry! Other than that, the Cream Filled Cupcake Bakery is a fun, quick, and simple way to make delicious cupcakes!  It is perfect for making a quick after-school snack, delicious treats for parties and special occasions, and even a creative, homemade gift!

Speaking of gifts, the Cream Filled Cupcake Bakery would be perfect for the upcoming holidays!  It is very affordable and would be a great gift for teachers or co-workers, college students, parents, and more!  You can find the Cream Filled Cupcake Bakery and other Nostalgia Electrics items at stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Sears, and more, as well as many online sites such as Amazon and Sky Mall.


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