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Parking Over The Sidewalk In Front Of Your House: Your Questions Answered

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Many people wonder if it is legal to park over the sidewalk in front of their home. Because the road outside your home is public property, you have no control over who parks outside your home although they should never block your driveway. It is important to note that if you find anyone parking across your driveway you should call your local enforcement team and have the car towed. While this may seem extreme, in many cases finding parking is difficult. Besides. if the person feels they can get away with parking over the sidewalk in front of your home, and you take no action they will do it again. And if it’s not your home, it will be someone else’s. At some point, this can lead to someone being blocked in or out during an emergency.

The simple fact is that you reporting and getting these vehicles towed saves other people the same hassle. If they want it, they can find cheap parking Southbank, they simply need to look in the right place.

parking over the sidewalk

Why Park Over The Sidewalk In Front Of Your House

The number of cars on the road is increasing which means that it is getting harder and harder to find parking spaces. The result is people are taking extra risks, such as squeezing between two cars even if they are not in a designated bay. This, by the way, is illegal and will get you a fine.

The sidewalk itself is designed for people to be able to walk safely down the road. That means parking over the sidewalk so that people can’t get by safely and easily is a definite no.

In addition, you may notice that many built-up areas have what is referred to as a nature strip. That’s the small bit of grass outside your home between the sidewalk and the road.

It is illegal to park on this section unless you are passing between your driveway and the road or are using a ride-on mower to cut the grass.  Other exceptions include motorized wheelchairs and the postal service.

Parking Across Your Driveway Entrance

Like parking across your sidewalk, parking across your driveway entrance is also likely to get you a fine. If any part of your car is on the sidewalk then you are blocking pedestrian access and causing an obstruction. However, if you are simply on the road outside your home it will depend on the local enforcement officer. Technically, this is illegal but, if the officer knows you and your vehicle they may tolerate it.

You will need to make sure you present no risk to others and you should also consider how this looks. By parking across your driveway you may be telling passing motorists that it’s okay to do; That can lead to you being blocked in when you urgently need to be somewhere.

Roadside Parking

It is useful to note that parking on the road should be done within the designated lines. If no lines are present you should always leave at least a meter between your car and the one in front or behind. This ensures everyone has the room they need to maneuver in and out of spaces.

The bottom line is that you are better off not parking on the sidewalk in front of your home unless you want a fine or your car to be towed.

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