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Reasons to Start Wearing a Watch

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Are you, like my husband, one of those people who don’t like wearing watches? Watches are actually a great fashion accessory not only because they can transform a plain wardrobe, but for many other reasons as well. Here are some of the top reasons to start wearing a watch:

great reasons to start wearing a watch

They Are Practical

Because watches were inspired by the military, they have a practical use. In the nineteenth century, soldiers used watches to synchronize their maneuvers. Moreover, ocean divers also use special watches when diving into the depths of the ocean.  

In comparison to a Smartphone, a watch can operate for a much longer time. Your phone can only last 8 hours, but a watch can tell time for years.

They Signify Style

For most working people, the range of acceptable jewelry is limited. A wristwatch can style up your wardrobe while making it easier for you to keep track of time. Depending on the design of the watch that you choose, you can reflect professionalism.

Your watch will tell people a lot about your personality. If you want a luxury timepiece, you should look into purchasing a Rolex or an even more exclusive brand such as a Patek Philippe watch. If you’re looking for a more affordable watch, there are also many other brands to consider as well such as Seiko or IWC, browse to see more watches that will fit your budget online. Donning a luxury watch on your wrist will make you look very classy.

They Make Great Heirlooms

Not only does a watch make a great gift but it can also be a good heirloom. We all live on in the memories of those who remember us. When you leave your loved ones with watches that existed before their time, they will remember you. The timepieces will remind them of you, especially because they will show signs of love and use.

A collection of watches can also be your legacy. Even if your collection is not worth a fortune, it will help you to pass on your values to your children.

reasons to start wearing a watch

They Help You to Create a Good Relationship with Time

Humanity has been obsessed with time-measuring devices since the sundial days. Another of our reasons to start wearing a watch is that once you do, you will have a much better relationship with time. You will start spending your time in a manner that is more effective.

Beyond the mechanical and technical complexities of a watch, some people are obsessed with any device that claims to measure time. In fact, when you visit watch lovers’ forums, you will find people that dive into the finer details of watch collecting and making. The only other thing that comes close to matching watch collecting is the passion for cars. However, watches are much easier to maintain and cheaper to purchase.

They Are Convenient

Your phone cannot make you punctual but a watch can. With a watch on your wrist, you will be able to tell time in a convenient manner. While many people prefer to use their phones to tell the time but they are not convenient.

For instance, if you were in a meeting, it would be awkward to keep looking at your phone. On the other hand, you can glance at your wristwatch discreetly without making it seem like you are bored. Moreover, pulling out your phone in a social setting can also make you seem rude.

You should also keep your phone at bay during funerals and weddings. With a watch, you can check the time subtly without seeming discourteous.

They Embody Craftsmanship

A timepiece does more than tell time: it also has history and tradition in it thanks to the great artistry. When most people wear timepieces, they do not realize that they have pieces of art on their wrists. Some timepieces have more than four people working on them at any given time. Moreover, it takes many months to design the complex parts of a watch by hand.

Analog timepieces have consistent and simple mechanisms that are inherently artistic. Of course, you will find many uninspiring and generic watches on the market but the best ones are beautiful. Watch art comes in many forms ranging from painted dials to intricate designs. For most watch lovers, the movement of the watch is just as fascinating, if not more, as the case and dial.

They Offer Simplicity

The best watches are powered by mechanical clockwork that existed before technology. With a mechanical clock, you can still tell the time long after your phone dies. Moreover, a wristwatch helps you to avoid distractions that a Smartphone brings up.

When you take out your phone to check the time, you might end up looking at your social media accounts, which is very distracting. If you just want to keep track of time, you should have a watch on your wrist to save time.


The above reasons should be plenty to convince you to get a watch. Of course, you could always use your phone to look at the time but it will not be as convenient. In fact, your phone will distract you from other activities that you should be doing.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.