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SEARS For All of Your Holiday Decorating & Gift Needs

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A Smiley360 Mission Review

They are coming!  Quicker than you can say Old Saint Nick! The Holidays!  True, it is still a week before Thanksgiving, but everywhere you go you see signs that the winter Holidays are almost here!  Our family always puts up our Christmas decorations over the long Thanksgiving weekend when our bellies are full and our spirits high!   This year, our Holiday decorating shopping gained an extra stop when I received a $15 gift card to SEARS as part of a Smiley360 Mission!

For those of you who are not familiar with Smiley360, it is this wonderful word of mouth advertising website where members can apply for missions to try new products in exchange for sharing their honest opinion.  You can find out more by visiting

Last weekend we headed to Sears to explore our decorating options.  The section was easy to find as it is entitled the Christmas Shop and it takes up a quarter of the entire top floor.  I must admit that at first I was a bit disappointed as there was not as many items there as I was hoping.  However, after wandering around the section I realized that they actually offer a pretty wide range of decorations.  There were outdoor decorations for your home’s exterior, decorations for the yard and of course, decorations for the inside of your home.  I also noticed that the prices were very reasonable and the items were of very nice quality.

The outdoor holiday decorations included lawn figurines such as reindeer, snowmen, Santa’s, trees, animals, characters from Charlie Brown and more.  Some had lights, some did not, some were inflatable others were mechanical.  One of my favorites was a mailbox with Snoopy sitting on the top, and the mailbox door would open and close to reveal Woodstock.  The entire decoration was covered in different colored lights.  There were also window decorations, a wide selection of outdoor lighting, wreaths for your doors and more. Everything you need to top off your holiday decorating!


The indoor holiday decorations included lights, ornaments, miniature collectible towns, including an entire Charlie Brown themed set, pre-lit Christmas trees, tabletop decorations, wreaths, garlands, figurines and more.  My favorite was the Lemax Village Collection with all of the miniature houses, stores, people, animals and such.  There was even a beautifully constructed Carousel that was lit up and the horses moved up and down while it spun around and calliope music played.  One day I hope to be able to start a collection!

After spending about 40 minutes looking around and trying to make a decision, we finally settled on a box of hand –crafted, miniature glass ornaments for our smaller tree that we usually either keep in a window, on the porch or in either our son’s bedroom or ours.  It happens to be a favorite of mine as it is one of those fiber optic trees that are so tacky, but look so cool!  The box of ten glass ornaments, Celebrations by RADKO, cost $14.99.

   Christopher Radko ornaments have been around for over 25 years.  They make glass ornaments, resin ornaments, glass figurines and other home holiday décor.  Their ornaments can be purchased singularly or in sets, most of which often revolve around a certain contemporary theme or set of colors.  The ornaments we purchased are part of their Exclusive Collections Collection and are a traditional Gingerbread men and candy mints theme.   Christopher Radko ornaments can usually be found in SEARS, Kmart, Meijer, ACE, Menards, Canadian Tire and gift shops.


Of the 10 ornaments, five are Gingerbread men and five are peppermints of various colors.  These are smaller ornaments so the gingerbread men measures about 2.5” tall and the mints around 2”.  Each hand crafted ornament has its own bright colors, sparkling glitter and a little silver tag connected to the crown where you attach a hook (not included).  They are very well-crafted, bright and colorful, and the perfect size for my tree!

I really enjoyed my shopping experience at SEARS!   Everything was well organized and easy to find, there was a wide assortment of decorations, plenty of stock so nothing was sold out (as of yet), and there were already plenty of sales and great deals to be found!  Everything was bright and cheerful and really helped to get you in the Holiday mood.  If you do not have a SEARS near you, you can always find the same great items and great, affordable prices at the online SEARS Christmas Shop.

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Mellissa Hanks

Thursday 22nd of November 2012

Those are to cute! I can't wait ot put my tree up!

Melinda Dunne

Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Those are cute. My Sears store doesn't have very much. I have to shop on-line.

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