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As a wife, blogger and mother one of my main goals is to save my family money, and get the best deals on products that I can.  That is why, when I need office supplies, my main discount e-commerce office supply site I use is!

I recently was given the opportunity to be a blogger, and a few weeks ago posted my first product review.   This week, I have a complete new set of products to review, this time for one of my favorite brands, BIC.  These include three different types of pens, some permanent markers and some white-out.

BIC Atlantis Ballpoint Retractable Pen $2.88 per pack of 4

What They Say:  this retractable ballpoint pen is sold in packs of four.  They feature they easy-Glide System with up to 35% smoother writing compared to tradition BIC ballpoint pens.  They have a soft cushion grip for no-slip comfort, a medium point and a clear barrel so you can see the ink volume.  This set has blue ink, but other colors are available. They are not refillable.

What I Say:  the Atlantis really does write incredibly smooth, with absolutely no skipping.  The blue ink is dark enough to see easily, and the pen has a very comfortable grip as well as a pocket clip.  I especially like how you can see the level of ink through the barrel.  I always prefer a retractable pen so you do not have to worry about the top coming off in your purse or getting lost.

BIC for Her Retractable Ballpoint Pen $4.12 per pack of 2

What They Say:  the BIC for Her has a sleek silhouette and pretty jeweled accent to add style to her day.  The have a soft-contoured embossed grip for comfort.  They are retractable, with a medium point, and have a pocket clip.  These are not refillable, and have black ink.

What I Say:  the BIC for Her is one of my favorite pens not only because of its fun, bright colors, but because it writes smoothly, and has a soft cushioned grip that has a textured pattern for a no-slip grip and all day comfort.

I also like that the barrel is just slightly larger than most, keeping me from squeezing as tight as I do with thinner pens.  The ink flows smoothly with no skipping, and it dries quickly so you don’t have to worry about any smearing.  I love that they are retractable pens so there are not tops to bother with.

BIC Velocity Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pen $8.01 per dozen

What They Say:  these retractable pens are sold in packs of 12.  The black-colored gel ink is acid-free and fade-resistant, and the pen has a finger-friendly contoured soft grip for comfort.

What I Say:  these are the first gel pens I have tried that I actually like!  Most other gel pens tend to skip and/or smear, they do not write smoothly at all.  The BIC Velocity is NOT like that, instead it is similar to writing with a ballpoint pen, smooth with no skipping and no fading or smearing.  I also like how the soft grip is shaped to where your fingers fit around it comfortably.  They are retractable pens, so no worrying with tops.

BIC Mark-It Grip Permanent Marker Set $3.04 per set of 5

What They Say:  these durable, pen-style permanent markers have rubber grips to help with control and comfort.  They will permanently mark glass, metal, photos, foils, coated papers, CDs, DVDs and most plastics.  The ink is vivid, durable, long-lasting and is certified AP non-toxic.

What I Say:  I love that these permanent markers are acid-free, and are certified AP non-toxic.  They have such bold, bright colors that show easily, and stay permanently, on many different materials. Their contoured grip is another feature I really like, and make holding the marker much more comfortable and less likely to slip than ones without the grip.

I was also surprised to find that these do not have that strong chemical smell that I have noticed with a lot of permanent markers.  They do have fine points which I love since it makes writing letters or filling in small details much easier than markers with medium points

Plus these markers write very smoothly without bleeding through the paper.  I also like how four colors come in this pack, and there is an extra black which is the most commonly used color.  A great deal!

BIC Wite-Out EZ Correct Correction Tape $2.16

What They Say:  this correction tape fixes mistakes instantly with no drying time needed.  It’s mess-free design doesn’t drip, smell or leave photocopy shadows, and allows for easy, precise corrections that covers mistakes completely without bleeding through.  The tape width is 1/6” and 472” in length.  This is the special Susan G. Komen edition and BIC will donate 300,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in support of its fight against breast cancer!

What I Say:  I really love the idea behind this design!  I used to despise using white-out in bottles because of the over-powering smell, the difficulty of using the tiny brush to cover mistakes, and the messiness of how the finished result looked.  This design solves all of those problems and more.

However, in all honesty, I had a few problems when I first began using it. First of all, the tape kept falling off to the side so it was no longer on its track, and secondly, the tape kept coming loose from the roller so that it was no longer tight. Depending on the problem, I either had to use my fingers to place the tape so it was back in alignment, or I had to push down firmly and make long, curving strokes to the right in order to get the tape tight again.

I also had a problem with it ‘peeling’ up from the paper the first few time I tried to apply it.  Thankfully, after several uses, or do-overs, it finally began to work correctly, and that is when I truly began to see the benefits!

There is no smell, and it dries instantly so there is no smearing or waiting periods before being able to write again.  It is also much easier to follow the curve of letters than it ever was with the liquid in a bottle kind, and you only have to go over the error one time to completely cover it.

And once you do write over it, the ink flows smoothly and doesn’t make it flake off.  So hopefully the problems I experienced were just temporary, because I really do like this concept so much better than the other kind of white-out!

My Verdict

All in all I was very pleased with all of the products!  As usual, BIC lives up to its high quality, dependable reputation!  All are well worth their low price on!  Perfect for the home, school or work, all of these products, and many, many more can be found on

I received these products for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are my own.

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Patricia Woolverton

Sunday 17th of February 2013

I love Bic products. I have to say i have tried the tape in the past and not terribly fond of the tape. I still just like the standard liquid version much better.

Kathy Lane

Sunday 17th of February 2013

I love Bic products!They have always been my favorite.I didn't know they had the the BIC for Her pens.I will be looking for them next time I'm in need of a pen.

Debi Fitzsimmons

Saturday 16th of February 2013

Bic has always been my favorite. I recently got to review their 4-color pen. Love it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.