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The Microorganism Everyone Wants! Giant Microbes

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Microbes…those tiny little organisms that cannot be seen without a microscope are abundant on Earth.  They live everywhere, in the air, water, rock and soil, in plants, animals and yes, even in us humans!    Some are essential to life, while others are the cause of illness and can even take life.  When one considers microbes, regardless of whether they are the good kind or the bad, rarely does one think ‘cute’ and ‘fuzzy’!  Even more rarely does a person actually WANT to have a microbe!  Rarely, that is until now!

Now, not only can you see microbes with the naked eye, you can pick your favorite and bring it home to your family!  Yep, with a simple click of your mouse, you can easily have Polio, Norovirus, Ebola, Botulism, Black Death, Food Poisoning, even Herpes or HPV, almost any lovely microbe you can think of.  Heck, you can even give it to your child to snuggle with if you so prefer!  You can have anything you want thanks to GIANTmicrobes!

giantmicrobes 011

GIANTmicrobes goal is to create unique and unusual gifts for adults and children alike.  And boy did they succeed!  Who wouldn’t love getting a giant microbe of their choice whether for a gag gift, a child’s gift or even an educational toy?  GIANTmicrobes is exactly what the name implies, microbes made into plush toys.  I recently had the opportunity to choose my favorite microbe for review, and let me tell you, I had quite the time deciding which one to get because there is such a great selection!

giantmicrobes 014

I finally decided on the Waterbear, or hypsibius dojardini, for its unique look and its absolutely amazing ability to survive!  Found all over the world from the highest mountains to the deepest seas, the waterbear is a common tardigrade, aka “slow walker” that lumbers along on eight tiny legs, and uncannily resembles a bear.  The majority of the time waterbears are found in the miniature rainforests created by common mosses, so you can easily find them with a low-powered microscope in your own backyard!

giantmicrobes 012

These tiny little organisms are able to survive at any temperature whether in boiling water or in temperatures close to absolute zero!  Waterbears do this by entering a state known as cryptobiosis, which is like a super hibernation mode where the metabolism becomes inactive.  They are also able to dry out and survive 99% dehydration for decades.  They can survive a thousand times more radiation than us humans, and they can even survive in the vacuum of outer space!  Amazing survival skills for such a little guy!

giantmicrobes 016

Now anytime I am feeling blue or like the world is getting the best of me,, I just look at my cute little plush microbe Waterbear and think of all they are able to survive despite their microscopic size!

giantmicrobes 013

You can order your favorite GIANTmicrobe, complete with a description card, directly from the GIANTmicrobes website.  There are tons of microbes to choose from, and many come where you can either get the original size plush toy or you can get your microbe as a petri dish set where you get 3 miniatures inside a petri dish!  Too cute!  And they also offer Panoramas which feature microbes in their natural environment, as well as Heart Boxes which are heart shaped boxes filled with specific microbes! 

Keep in mind, not all microbes cause disease and sickness!  GIANTmicrobes also have ‘good’ microbes such as Bone Cell, Brain Cell, Plasma, Platelet, Yogurt, Beer & Bread and many more!  The options are practically limitless!

GIANTmicrobes are truly the best gag gifts, as well as an awesome way to teach children science in a fun and interesting way!  Don’t be left out!  Choose your favorite microbe today!

Be sure to follow GIANTmicrobes on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with the latest microbes, news and promotions.  Plus you can sign up for the GIANTmicrobes newsletter for all the latest products, promotions, special pricing, discounts and more!

Pick up Giantmicrobes on Amazon! (affiliate link)

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