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The Versatile Blogger Award

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My First Blogging Award! Thank You Lorna of Life with RA is a Pain


The other day I was reading through my comments from my awesome readers when I discovered I had been nominated for my very first blogging award, The Versatile Blogger award!  I couldn’t believe it!  Me!  An award for my blog! Yay! I have seen this award on many blogs, but I never thought I would be nominated!  So at this point I want to give a big ‘thank you’ to Lorna K. of Life With RA is a Pain for my nomination!

As part of my acceptance of the Versatile Blogger award I am supposed to share seven things about myself then nominate 15 other bloggers/blogs who I have recently discovered or frequently visit along with a short bit about why I like them.  So without further ado…

7 Things About Myself

1.  I was one of the shyest girls in my class so for me to be sitting here actually sharing my thoughts and opinions with tons of people on the internet is nothing short of amazing!

2.  My favorite type of exercise used to be swimming.  When I was a child we had a pool in our backyard and every morning before school I would swim 100 laps (20 laps each of a different style stroke).  I would love to start again!

3.  My dearest dreams are to have a baby and a house of my own one day.

4.  If I won the lottery, I would open a shelter for cats to find them their forever homes.  At every apartment complex I have lived there are stray cats and I always wind up feeding them.  At our last apartment, during a 3 day rainstorm, I put out a large plastic box with towels in it for a mama cat and her three week old kittens.  She saw me do it, took one sniff inside and immediately brought her kittens in it where they stayed until the rain stopped.  It became their nighttime bed.  It breaks my heart to see stray cats and dogs!

5.  I have a BS degree in Early Childhood Education, but have not used it in years.  One day I hope to get re-certified and go back to teaching.

6.  I took horseback lessons as a child and used to dream of having horses of my own one day.  Who knows?  It could still happen!

7.  I am a recovering addict, who became actively addicted to pain killers four years after graduating college, and am still struggling to get back on track and to forgive myself.  I have been sober for a little over 3 years.

Now for the most difficult part as I have met so many incredible people who write amazing blogs!   Here are the 15 bloggers/blogs I want to nominate…

Blogger Nominations

1.  Shonna of  Bargain Hound Daily Deals because of all the great deals she posts daily, plus she gives great tips on couponing, stockpiling, green living and more!

2. Patricia of Tricia’s Treasure because she is one of the first people I met when I joined Facebook and began getting interested in blogging.   We helped each other through the beginning of our blogs and continue to be friends today! She has been a huge supporter!  I love her reviews of the latest and greatest make up and beauty products.

3.  Jennifer of Jennifer’s World Reviews because not only has she also been there since the beginning, but she does a wonderful job of vlogging product reviews!  A totally different take on blogging!

4. Susan of  Budget Earth runs two awesome blogs!  One that has great green tips, and the other wonderful product reviews.  Where she finds the time to do TWO blogs, I have no clue!  Plus she has been a huge help to me with advice when it comes to blogging!

5. Lisa of  The Baby Bottom Line another of my favorite Mommy blogs that offers wonderful children’s product reviews and awesome giveaways!

6.  Cyndee of Rude Mom has an awesome look-out on life and it shows in her writing!  Not your typical mommy! Great posts that cover everything from product reviews to giveaways to tips for everyday living.

7.  Allie of Gator Mommy Reviews gives informative and honest reviews of kid-friendly products, plus tons of the best giveaways out there!

8.  Kelly of Kelly’s Thoughts on Things not only offers reviews, giveaways and tips, but she also shares her stories of raising a child with autism.

9.  Mellissa of Something Like Life has great recipes, family-friendly reviews and awesome tips on gardening.

10. Brie of Beautiful Incentives offers reviews, giveaways, crafting tips, recipes and more!

11.  Melinda of My So-Called Balanced Life is a great compilation of recipes, creative ideas, tips, reviews and more!

12.  Bonnie of This and That Reviews has great reviews on products, delicious recipes, coupons and more.

13. Bre of Peacoats and Plaid has the cutest craft ideas with easy-to-follow instructions, and some great blog hops where you can find even more awesome blogs!!

14.  Jonna and Steph of Mama Break give every busy mom a place to find reviews of new products, creative tips,  the best bargains and more.

15.  Dee of Bella Savvy has a wonderful blog full of recipes,, reviews, giveaways, parenting advice and tips, beauty and fashion posts and so much more.


Congratulations to all of you!!  If I nominated you above, and you accept the nomination and share the love, here are the rules.

1.  Thank the person who nominated you for the award and be sure to have a link back to their blog.

2.  Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

3.  Choose 15 other blogs that you have either just discovered or that you love to frequent.

4.  Tell a bit about why you like each of those blogs and include a link to their blog.

Thanks again to Lorna of  Life with RA is a Pain!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.