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3 Things People Forget When Packing for a Trip

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3 Things People Forget When Packing for a Trip: Packing Time, Towels and Extra Bag!

3 things people forget when packing for a trip main

Traveling is a dream if done right. If you, like me, suck at the preparation part, then chances are your travel stories contain a fair amount of horror. The things that always help most in creating memorable memories is to be prepared and to know the place – and then have those unexpected and thrilling encounters. At least that’s the level of surprise I enjoy.

For travel preparations, there are blogs after blogs, articles after articles, books after books – you get the point – on how to prepare. However, I think everybody already is a pro at travel preparation, but they always forget the really small details – usually the things you wouldn’t think even matter. But the funny thing is it’s the attention to those little and fragile details that can benefit you immensely in a foreign place.

So following are three things people forget when packing for a trip.

Start Packing Early

‘It is important to start packing early’ – now that’s the advice that you get from every travel adviser. But how soon is early enough? What’s the exact number of days? Nobody will tell you that or really even give you a satisfactory and logical answer.

The way I do it is, once it is confirmed that you are going to travel for business or leisurely purpose, start maintaining a list in your phone of random things that come to your mind regarding that travel trip. I start my list as soon as the trip is confirmed.

As for the actual packing, I like to pick a corner of my room or even in my travel bag and start throwing things in there that I think you might forget. This can include things like important documents or medicines, etc. I always start this process at least a week early or maybe even a few days before I have to fly or take a bus or train.


I know it sounds silly when I tell you to pack towels. After all towels are easily available in every corner of the world. The majority of hotels even give towels for free. Towels are literally the part of your hotel room, just like the furniture and sheets.

However, I don’t know about you but I am a little sensitive when it comes to cleanliness and germs.  And trip after trip, I have realized that having my own towels should be part of my toiletries. It is stupid to take a risk when it comes to your hygiene and by using random towels you are exactly doing that.

Also, if you are wondering the amount of space you have to manage in your luggage then travel towels are a great alternative as they are really light and can be squeezed in a small area. 

Ziplocs and an Extra Duffel Bag 

Ziplocs and extra duffel bags are another one of those things people forget when packing for a trip. They are also some of those things that are available everywhere, but what is wrong in carrying them with you especially if you already have them in the house. The Ziploc will seem like something sent from heaven when looking for something to put your dirty laundry in.

A duffel bag occupies very little space in your luggage, and it can contain all the shopping and souvenirs that you collected from your travels! I can’t tell you how many times I have come back with more than I left with! Had I brought my own extra bags, I could’ve saved the money I spent buying more bags on something else.

So that’s all. The list is not rocket science, but it surely contains those three things people forget when packing for a trip. Three things that will make traveling a little bit more stress-free and a lot more fun.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.