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3 Tips for Naturally Curly Hair + Coolway

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Growing up, it took me a long time before I finally accepted my headful of unruly curls, and even longer before I came to love them! I look at childhood pictures, and the memory of that dislike comes rushing back as I flip through picture after picture plainly seeing my unsuccessful attempts at getting rid of those curls. For years, before leaving for school, I would brush, brush and brush, then add a handful of mouse and brush, brush, brush some more doing my 10-year-old best to have straight, silky, shiny luxurious hair like the models in the magazines and the girls at school. When I wasn’t spending 30 minutes brushing, I was growing it out long, hoping the weight would pull the curl out. Those short haircuts my dad preferred (he loved my curls – or maybe it was just that he was a single dad and didn’t know what else to do with a little girl’s head full of curls) were a thing of the past! Now, as an adult, I spend my ‘getting ready to go out time’ making sure those curls are as curly, shiny, frizz-free and care-free as possible. How? By faithfully following these three steps below.
Coolway-haircare-review3The Shampoo
The first thing I make sure of is that I am using a shampoo that works for my type hair. For years I searched for any shampoo that would not only leave my hair clean, but also reduce the frizz and dryness associated with curly hair. For a long time I wasn’t concerned with what was in the shampoos I used, just how well they worked. Now, after learning a lot from my cosmetologist sister, reading, and trial-and-error, I am much more aware of and concerned with what is in the shampoos I use on my hair. If there is one thing I have learned, sulfates and other chemicals are a big no-no, especially if you have curly hair that you color! Those chemicals do nothing but strip your hair of its much-needed hydration – and it’ll strip your color. Coolway’s Cool, Cleanse and Hydrate Shampoo, was created without any harsh chemicals such as sulfates, Formaldehyde, lye, parabens, phthalates and sodium chloride that dry out and cause damage to hair. Instead, it gently cleans my hair, while a unique botanical extract, Porphyra Seaweed, strengthens and hydrates, helping to reduce breakage and the dreaded frizz. I also make sure to follow the shampoo with a hydrating conditioner; again, one that does not contain any harsh chemicals. I’ll leave that in my hair for a good 3 to 5 minutes before thoroughly rinsing. Now my hair will be hydrated, and have that soft, silky feel and a lot less frizz!
Coolway-haircare-review2The Brush
Growing up with naturally curly hair, I developed a deep-seated need to avoid brushes like the plague! Every time my dad would brush my hair, those curls, which always formed snags and tangles, turned the experience into a form of pure torture to my six-year-old mind. I’m sure all of you Moms with kids can relate! But did you know that in addition to pain, running a brush through knots and tangles can actually cause damage to the hair by breaking hundreds of strands! And with curly hair, brushes that have tons of bristles real close together do not work. Those type of brushes work to separate each individual strand. You don’t want that. You need either a wide tooth comb, or a brush that has a lot of space in between the bristles. Too bad I didn’t have Coolway’s latest product, The Knotty Girl Brush when I was little! This innovative brush was designed to eliminate the pain, breakage and hair pulling associated with brushing hair. It’s made up of Coolway’s unique SoftFlow™ bristles which are specially designed to bend when they encounter a tough knot, loosening it just a tiny amount as the next bristle loosens it a little more. Therefore, by the time the knot is met by the 15th or 16th bristle, it opens up completely without pulling your hair out. As an adult, I don’t dread hair brushing as much as I used to, but I still get those knots and tangles, and this brush pulls right through my hair without snagging or pulling – doing what I need it to do so my curls are free to form.
Coolway-haircare-review4The Product
After shampooing, conditioning and then brushing, I use a towel to gently squeeze, not rub or scrunch, but squeeze the water out until my hair is just slightly damp. Then, the last thing I do is use a product to further reduce frizz. Right now I am wearing my hair short, so I don’t need any type of styling product to help shape my curls, I just need something to add a bit of shine and get rid of any leftover frizz. Word to the wise: if you have curly hair, avoid any styling product that contains alcohol. Why? The alcohol dries the hair out which leads to the dreaded f-word: frizz! Coolway’s Glow Finishing Oil is not only alcohol-free, it is also free of toxins such as Formaldehyde, Lye, and Sulfates, and free of parabens, phthalates and sodium chloride – so it is safe for my color-treated hair! A nickle-sized amount, finger-combed through my hair while it is still damp, is enough to give it a nice shiny finish and control the frizz and flyaways.

More Tips for my Naturally Curly-Haired Sisters

Although I rarely use a hair dryer, when I do I always use a diffuser, otherwise the curls will be blasted apart into individual strands. I turn the dryer on to low or medium, hang my head so my hair is hanging towards the floor, and use the diffuser to push my hair in an upwards direction. This way I am both drying and encouraging the curls to take form.

When I do wear my hair longer, the weight does take a bit of the curl out. My solution? Use a lightweight, alcohol-free gel or mousse. I bet that sometime in your life you were told to apply the product and scrunch your hair. Personally, I found that doing that breaks the curls apart, leaving my hair looking crazy and frizzy, not to mention feeling crunchy. Instead, I apply a dime sized amount of product in my hand, rub my hands together, flip my head upside down and run my fingers through all of my hair, making sure to evenly distribute the product. If I need to add more product, I do so, following the same steps. Then, while my head is still hanging, I make my hand into a claw-like shape and use it to push sections of hair up towards my scalp NOT scrunching,  just gently pushing. Then I flip my head back up, maybe use the claw motion again in a few spots and then I LEAVE IT ALONE to dry and do what it does naturally. I don’t keep messing with it.

About Coolway

Coolway, is an award-winning hair care brand that was founded with the goal of eliminating damage in every step of hair care and styling. We all know that everything from styling tools to coloring can cause damage to our hair. Coolway designs products that won’t cause that damage and that work to help repair damage. From styling products that work with low heat, to innovative cleansing products with no harsh chemicals, Coolway works to give you great results without damage for all hair types.

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Do you have naturally curly hair? Even if you don’t, what are some of your styling secrets?

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Candace Corey

Sunday 8th of June 2014

you should try Ouidad and Moraccan Oil too. You'd love it for your curls


Sunday 8th of June 2014

I'll have to give them a try! Thank you!


Saturday 7th of June 2014

I have naturally curl hair too. It's not waves but it's not ringlets either. I'm sort of stuck in the middle. I love trying new things for it though, to try to keep it healthy. Thanks for sharing. Your blog is great & I'm a new follower.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.