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Purr-Packs Monthly Subscription Box Review- Purrfect for Even Finicky Felines!

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June is National Adopt a Cat month, and as all my regular readers know, I love cats! So keep an eye out through out the month of June as I bring you some of my most favorite cat products around! 

Let’s start with one of my personal favorite treats, a monthly subscription box created specifically for our feline friends called Purr-Packs. Just by the name alone you can tell that this is one company dedicated to making our cats happy! Purr-Packs offers three different Subscription Packs, each of which are filled with new and innovative products, as well as exclusive products you won’t find anywhere else. Each box is packed full of toys, treats and surprises, and two of the three subscriptions can even be customized right down to the color and flavor so that even the most finicky feline is guaranteed to be satisfied! But the best part of all? 10% of each subscription goes to support both local and nation-wide pet adoption and rescue programs.

Purr-packs-Review13As you probably know, I have reviewed several pet subscription box services, but so far Purr-Packs is our favorite! Granted, Purr-Packs is a tiny bit more expensive, but it is well worth it for the amount and quality of items you receive. When the box first arrived, Sookie’s sixth sense must have alerted her to the fact that this particular box was for her (or maybe it was that she saw her name written on it!) because she immediately began rubbing and clawing at it, trying to open the box herself. So I got down on the floor with her and proceeded to assist her in opening it. Inside, all of the products were snugly nestled inside Purr-Pack’s recycled, green packaging content. One by one I unpacked each item as Sookie inspected and impatiently began trying to play with each and every item I unloaded, assuring me she was quite happy as her purr became deeper and louder…and let me just say, there was a lot more than I thought there’d be!




The first item was a set of two toy mice made by Purr-Packs. One has a long silky thread for a tail, and the other has Sookie’s personal favorite, feathers. At first I was concerned when I saw the feathers as I know that some of these can easily come off the toy, and are not the best things for a cat to ingest. But after much tugging on my part, and a few tiny, stray feathers that did come off, I was satisfied enough to let her play with it. So far it is holding up very well! Both mice are well-made with soft bodies that she can easily get her claws into to toss around and play. They are also the perfect size for her to hold with her front paws and kick with her back paws – an activity she loves to engage in!



Another of Sookie’s favorite type toys, Purr-Packs sent two balls, one covered in durable burlap and the other in a similar material. Both balls are hard, not soft and squishy, and they both have something inside them so they rattle when they roll, each making their own unique sound. Sookie loves it when we roll a ball across the room! She’ll go running after it, then start batting it back and forth between her paws as she runs back towards us to start again! 



Sookie loves playing with mice and that is a good thing, because there was also a mouse made by Zanies included in this Purr-Pack! Smaller than the other two Purr-Packs mice, this mouse is blue and white in color, and is wrapped in what feels like elastic. Sookie can easily get her claws and teeth in it when her instinct to “attack” comes into play. She also loves the rattling noise it makes when she plays with it.



Next out, both Sookie and I were happy to see, was full size bag of Greenies. She was delighted because they are her favorite brand treats in a flavor she adores. I was happy because they made by a brand I trust and love, and they actually work to help to clean her teeth!



The next items I removed were two cat collars made by Purr Packs. Each collar is adjustable, made of a tough, durable fabric and features a bell. One has a cute, colorful scene featuring hot air balloons, and the other is black with a quote by Charles Dickens in white writing that says, “What greater gift, than the love of a cat?”  



Already a daily ritual, the next item was a double-sided cat brush. One side has wide-spaced, metal bristles with the plastic tips that Sookie just loves to rub against. The other side has those soft bristles which are good for smoothing the fur. What’s so funny is that I already have a brush for removing loose hair and any possible fleas, and now I have to use both brushes – all three, if you want to get technical! Literally every morning now, after I fill her dish, Sookie jumps up on the back of “her chair” and proceeds to meow continuously until I pick up the first brush. First she wants me to use her original wire brush. Then, it is time for her new brush. And if I don’t use both brushes, the meowing begins anew and she will not get down from the chair! I swear I either have the most well-brushed cat with the softest, shiniest coat or the most vain cat around! It does, however, make for great bonding time!



For years now I have been using plastic grocery bags when I scoop out the cat box. I would much prefer to be done with plastic grocery bags period as I like to use my fabric bags as part of our trying to live a more green lifestyle. The next item I removed was a Litter Pal Quick Bags package. This was completely new to me, and now I love it! It is basically a cute little box full of lightly scented bags that you keep next to your litter box to use as a convenient litter collection container. You set it up by opening a bag around the sides of the box – which have these little cut out notches to securely hold the bag open and securely in place.  Now you just scoop the waste into the bag, then when done, pull the bag off the box, tie the flaps closed and dispose of it. Done! The Litter Pal comes with 32 disposable bags, and the whole thing is lightly scented to help get rid of that litter box smell. And did I mention that it comes with a Daily Health Tracker Sticker Calendar to help you keep track of kitty’s health? This also works as a great motivator to get kids to help with pet care!



Last but not least, I pulled out this horizontal, corrugated cardboard cat scratcher from the very bottom of the box. It was actually a complete surprise because it was underneath everything else which was resting on a false bottom, and I wasn’t expecting even more when there was already so many great items! Now I am pretty sure that the makers of this designed it for use as a scratching board so that cats can sharpen their claws on something other than their human’s furniture. Well, apparently Sookie missed that news alert because with her, this is not a scratcher, but her own personal seat/bed/tabletop that no one else is allowed to touch. It is to permanently remain in the middle of the floor, right inside the sunny spot we were sitting in when we first opened it. Only Sookie is allowed to sit on it, roll on it, sleep on it, rub on it, bite on it, lick on it, eat treats on it, and do any-and-everything else on it except use it as a scratcher! I even used the included bag of catnip to try to entice her to scratch on it! But no. Oh well, as long as she is happy…


Our Overall Opinion of Purr – Packs

Sookie (and myself) give this one Four Paws! Enough said!

To order your feline friend their Purr Pack, visit the Purr-Packs website and pick your favorite pack!


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Monday 9th of June 2014

I do not own cats but this box seems to be one of the better pet subscription boxes I have seen. I love the item you received.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.