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5 Career Change Hacks

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Tired of the same ole’, same, ole’ when it comes to your career? If you’re considering a switch, these five career change hacks can help you make a successful job change and keep your cool.

Want to work on a team like these business people? Find the job you've always dreamed of having with these 5 career change hacks

On the face of it, the maelstrom of a global pandemic isn’t the best time for anyone to change careers.

However, many of us who have been fortunate to muddle through without any serious physical health concerns, have found ourselves struggling with other issues. Issues such as stress and anxiety, which are leading us to question whether the way we work and what we do compensates for the toll it takes on our time and relationships.

If you’re nodding your head and considering whether this might be the year to bite the bullet and take a calculated (but gutsy) risk to switch up your job, here are five career change hacks for this year.

1. Career Therapy

If you’ve got a strong feeling that you need to change your vocation but a very vague idea of what your destination is, don’t let the lack of clarity make you stay where you’ve been unhappy for too long.

Instead, try some career therapy exercises to filter your choices and forge a clear path to career satisfaction.

2. Consult Friends About Career Change

Next up on our list of career change hacks is to consult friends and family about careers that ‘fit’ you. There’s something to be said for simply chatting to your bestie about which career they could imagine being a brilliant fit for you.

They probably recognise strengths, weaknesses and blind spots that you don’t and may make a suggestion that’s surprising but refreshing.

3. Convert Your CV

Updating and possibly reworking your CV is next on our list of career change hacks. Once you’ve got a firmer idea of which vocational direction you’re headed in, it’s a great idea to freshen up your CV so that you’re sure it hits potential employers with the most important information first.

Talk to a pro CV writer to accentuate the positive in your resume and leave it looking brand new!

4. Send Spec Apps

Being proactive about your job search can really pay off. If you find companies who you’d love to work with, but there are no vacancies at the moment, don’t let it put you off contacting them.

Instead, send a comprehensive job application introducing yourself, explaining what you’d bring to the table, and emphasizing how much you love what they do. You might be lucky and grab a job they’re on the verge of advertising or, failing that, they can keep you in mind for next time.

another career change hack is to pursue your online degree like this woman is.

5. Pursue an Online Degree

Last up on our list of career change hacks is to pursue your degree. Taking a formal qualification in the field you’re interested in is still one of the best vehicles for a smooth and seamless career change.

And with online degrees, you can arrange your studies around your job and family commitments and move on as soon as you’re qualified. It’s not an instant fix but having graduation in mind as a goal will make your current situation more bearable.

Final Thoughts on Career Change Hacks

Follow these five career change hacks and you could enter next year in a new job that feels so much more fulfilling – stay safe and best of luck in the meantime!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.