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5 Kitchen Design Tools to Use When Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

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Planning a kitchen remodel? The following guidelines and kitchen design tools can help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

A kitchen remodel is one of the most exciting things to do in one’s home. It is also one of the most exerting things to do regardless of whether you hire a contractor or do it yourself. Hiring a contractor will cost a lot of money while doing it yourself will cost a lot of energy and time.

Once the project is completed, the expenditure of time, energy, and money becomes worth it. The joy you get from seeing what you imagined come to life is hard to quantify.

remodeled kitchen using kitchen design tools

However, kitchen remodeling can also end up anticlimactic and disappointing if proper planning and use of kitchen design tools are not done. One might suddenly realize that what is coming up is not what one wanted or running out of cash or that there isn’t enough time or energy left to complete the project.

Guidelines to Follow When Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

To prevent such a fate, one needs to plan as thoroughly as possible before the remodeling. This includes making use of kitchen design tools and the following guidelines.

Why the Remodeling

We must start the planning process by asking ourselves why we want to remodel. Do we want one because our kitchen is too old, or do we want to increase our home’s sale value, or is there too little space, or is the kitchen just off and not you anymore? Once you know your reason, it becomes easier to proceed as you begin to formulate in your mind what needs to go and what should stay.

What Goes, What Stays, What Comes In

Once you have a reason for the remodeling, it becomes easier to determine the most important steps to take in this remodeling. Rank the parts of your kitchen in your mind or on a sheet of paper. List the things that will go and the things that will stay. You also will add the new stuff you want in order of how badly you want it.

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

The next phase is to do a little research about your wants and must-haves. You get the prices, where they are available, and so on. This is where you decide if you want a contractor or if you want to do it yourself. You ask yourself the hard questions: do I have enough money for this now; am I willing to do without my kitchen for a certain number of weeks or months; am I willing to let someone into my house; do I have the skills and time to do this myself? The answers to these questions determine how the kitchen remodeling will go.

Be Prepared to Compromise

The answers to the hard questions will allow you to go back to the ‘what goes, what stays, and what comes in’ phase. Based on the hard questions answers, you will draft a new list of things and what you want. You might decide that, after all, you should get a contractor instead of doing it yourself or that your countertop should now be glass instead of marble. Whatever decision you make at this point is likely to be the right one, and you can proceed to the next phase, which you will determine.

Kitchen Design Tools to Help With Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Now it’s not easy planning a kitchen remodeling in your mind or with just a pen and paper unless you are a trained architect. For this reason, you need tools to help you visualize what you want. The following are some of the best kitchen design tools you will find to help you plan your kitchen remodeling.

  • Caesarstone Visualizer

The Caesarstone Visualizer is very easy-to-use design software used by several designers. It renders your kitchen designs in 3D. You also have several options to pick from and several templates to view. You can make very tiny edits that count towards giving a more robust picture of what you’re trying to create. The software allows you to also different parts of your kitchen to decide what fits best with what.

  • Home Hardware Kitchen Design Software

This is free design software dedicated to designing your kitchen. They offer several kitchen templates you can pick from, and you can also design your kitchen from scratch. It is very easy to use and as much fun as you create with it. 

  • Prod board Online Kitchen Planner

This is a free Design software focused on your kitchen. It generates high-quality 3D images of your designs. It’s also relatively easy to use.

  • Backsplash and Cabinet Design Software

This is a very easy-to-use design tool that focuses on the design of kitchen backsplashes and cabinets. 

It’s free, and it allows you to check different colors and types of backsplashes and cabinets and compare and contrast so you can pick the one you like. It is an interesting platform to check out for your kitchen remodeling.

  • Home Stratosphere’s Interior Design Software

This is a home design software on which you can design your kitchen remodeling. It’s free to use but has a premium version if you’re interested. It also has a mobile version.

  • Homestyler

This online interior design software offers 3D rendering of your proposed designs. You can design your kitchen here and build a 3D image that will be easy and interesting to use and work with. It also has a mobile version.

  • RoomToDo 

This design software gives a 3D rendering of the Kitchen you design. It has a variety of options to pick from and has a mobile version also.

  • Planning Wiz

This is another very good kitchen planning software. It allows you to make kitchen designs with little or no prior design experience. It’s easy to use as it has user-friendly interphase. It also has options to pick from which help you to create better designs.

Final Thoughts on Kitchen Design Tools and Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Planning for your kitchen remodeling is a very important process that must not be skipped; if you plan to build yourself or hire a contractor, using design software can help you visualize your dream kitchen.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.