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5 Tips for Avoiding Road Rage

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With the holiday season upon us, hundreds of thousands will be hitting the highways heading to see family and friends. In addition to traffic jams, drivers will need to be prepared for another potentially dangerous driving condition: road rage.

While there is no official definition for road rage, it basically encompasses everything from tailgating to cutting someone off on purpose to making obscene gestures and cursing at other drivers. And at its very worst, the deep anger can explode into violence with a driver using his vehicle to intentionally injure or kill another driver.

Most experts agree that road rage or aggressive driving, is triggered by a variety of things. Some drivers are set off by roadway congestion, while others are easily provoked by the actions of another driver. However, the majority of incidents are caused by the drivers’ own reactions and mood once they get behind the wheel.

road rage

Unfortunately, we have all witnessed road rage in one way or another, and we also all know that sometimes it can be hard not to let anger get the best of you. While you cannot control another driver’s behavior, you can definitely control your own. Below are several suggestions to help you deal with anger and frustration when you are behind the wheel so you do not give in to, or fall victim to, road rage. 

1.  Plan Your Route Carefully

Whether you are planning a short trip to the store, or a long trip to grandma’s plan your route before you leave.  If you know the traffic on a certain route will be rough, choose another one. If you are already in the car and come upon heavy traffic, turn on a local radio news station for up-to-date traffic reports, and revise your route as needed. 

2.  Make Sure You’re Well-Rested Before Traveling

Driving when you are already tired – emotionally or physically – can leave you tense, distracted and feeling bad. On the other hand, if you get plenty of rest before leaving, you feel refreshed and ready to take on any challenge ahead – even traffic! 

3. Listen to Quiet, Relaxing Music or None at All

Music affects how you feel, and the last thing you need in the middle of an annoying traffic jam after a horrible day is to be even more agitated.  Therefore blasting the radio with hard rock when you need to concentrate and stay calm may not be the best way to cope. Instead, try listening to calm, relaxing songs, peaceful instrumental music, or just turn the music off entirely.

4.  Breathe Deeply

There’s a reason people say to take deep breaths when upset or angry – it really works. Inhale slowly while counting to 5, then exhale slowly again counting to 5. Do this several times and you will begin feel your body automatically relax. 

5. Relax

Remember, a few minutes more on the road is much better than an accident or altercation. Car accidents and altercations caused by road rage are more preventable than you think. When caught in traffic or running late, remind yourself how much safer you’ll be and how much less pain, suffering and money you’ll need to spend if you just let the traffic flow and take those few extra minutes to reach your destination.

Are you planning on hitting the road this holiday season? make sure your vehicle is ready to go by bringing it into your dealership or to your certified mechanic like those at Kindle Auto Plaza so you can avoid any potential aggravating mechanical troubles and stay safe while on the road.

Image courtesy John Greenfield via Flickr

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.