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5 Ways to Decorate An Apartment Without Losing Your Deposit

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Moving into a new apartment or freshening up an existing one around the holidays is exciting. However, it’s hard to decorate and show your true personality when you can’t make major changes or hang lots of pictures. In fact, you may not even be able to paint, but there is hope. Be sure to take photos when you first move in and then document every modification you make. There are some eye-catching simple and creative changes that add beauty and style without altering or damaging the interior of the apartment. Check out these 5 ways to decorate an apartment without losing your deposit.

Make Your Outdated Kitchen Come to Life

decorate your apartment without losing your depositImage via Flickr

Some very simple changes that can make a drab kitchen come alive include using hardware, accent pieces, and color. First, remove the existing cabinet hardware and replace them with whimsical and colorful door knobs and handles. Be sure to keep the old ones and install them when you leave.

Small Spaces Simple Solutions

If you don’t have cabinet space, buy a six-foot ladder and place contents that would go into a cupboard on the steps of the ladder; a simple solution to add design and flair to your kitchen. Then, change wall switch plates. Purchase cheap ones and either hand paint or use a glue gun and fabric to add color. Lastly, according to U.S. News, there are several creative ways to make a small apartment look larger too.

Simple Lighting Changes to Wow Your Holiday Guests

One very simple way to enhance your kitchen or bathroom during the holidays is with light. Christmas Lights Etc. offers rope lighting in various sizes for under the cupboard or along a fireplace. If you have columns separating two rooms, why not buy rope lighting to illuminate the area? These energy-efficient lights in holiday colors offer a striking change to ordinary furnishings.

Using Lights During any Holiday

Changing your light bulbs to red, for Valentine’s Day, and to green for St. Patrick’s Day, enhances the holiday feel — plus your security deposit isn’t in jeopardy. Net lighting with incandescent or LED lights come in various sizes and colors. To create an attractive oasis in your bedroom, hang net lighting from a curtain rod or drape it over the dresser mirror.  Be sure to get the right size lighting and your project will make you shine.

5 Ways to Decorate An Apartment Without Losing Your Deposit image wall decalsImage via Flickr

Install Decals or Removable Wallpaper

If you don’t have much space, try purchasing storage cubes in various sizes. Paint the inside bottom of each with a different color. Then, purchase bold colored pillows with the same hues for your couch or love seat. Accent one wall with removable and reusable wallpaper. Finally, consider these exciting low-cost ideas for apartments with limited space, and spark creativity on the cheap, while making you the decorator with the most creative ideas.

These simple, low-cost decorating tips make your rental feel more like home, they bring out your individual personality, and create a one-of a-kind home-decorating experience. You’ll be envied and talked about for your creative and frugal additions. All tips are reversible and don’t damage the property, therefore there’s no threat of losing your security deposit from holiday decorating.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.