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6 Common AC Problems and What to Do About Them

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A good air conditioner is a necessity in any modern home. When summer comes, you expect your ACs to do the magic. However, they can disappoint when you least expect it. Even the best ACs will experience problems at some point. Things are significantly worse when you don’t keep up with regular maintenance. Here are a few AC problems and what to do about them.

there are 6 common ac problems that can happen to ac units like these two

1. Sudden, Weird Noises

Sudden, odd noises are one of the most common ac problems. If your AC suddenly makes sounds you don’t recognize, it needs your attention. Listen out for grinding noises, vibrations, and squealing sounds.

Usually, grinding sounds suggest that your AC has issues with motor bearings. Squealing sounds happen when the belt is poorly aligned or worn.

These sounds go away when you fix the cause of the problem. Your HVAC technician lubricates the bearings and checks belts during routine maintenance.

2. AC Not Turning On

It can be frustrating to find out that your AC won’t turn on when you need it the most. Sometimes, the AC fails to start, no matter how low you turn the thermostat.

This common ac problem is most often caused by a tripped circuit breaker. However, it could also be caused by loose wiring or a faulty thermostat.

If you experience such a problem, don’t try to conduct wiring repairs yourself. Get a professional HVAC technician to help. They will use the right equipment to identify and resolve the electrical problem.

3. AC Constantly Running

Next on the list of common ac problems is your unit running constantly. When it is hot outside, it is normal for your AC to run more often. However, it should be turned off periodically. Running constantly is a red flag. It damages your AC’s parts and increases your energy bill.

This is probably the most common AC problem, as it could have various causes. You may have an issue with the electrical parts, compressor, thermostat, or air filters.

Try turning off your thermostat fan. If that’s the problem, your air conditioner should shut off. If it isn’t, get a professional to check it out.

4. No Cool Air Flowing

Your AC blowing warm air is another of the most common ac problems. This problem manifests in two ways. First, the AC is running, but the ducts aren’t releasing any air. Second, they may be releasing air that isn’t cool at all. This issue is common but easy to fix. 

You only need a tripped circuit breaker. Sometimes, the blower belt may be worn, and you need to replace it. Low refrigerant levels could also make it difficult for your AC to cool. Your routine system tune-up should be enough to handle the issue.

5. Your AC Fan Isn’t Spinning

Next on our list of common ac problems is the fan no longer spinning. If your AC fan isn’t spinning, you probably have a clogged air filter, broken fan belt, contactor issues, or issues with the capacitor. The unit may seem to be working, yet the fan isn’t spinning, and the air isn’t cooling.

If you have a power issue, it could cause the system to overheat. Your breaker is likely to trip. Your AC fan will not spin as it should, and your unit will fail. You need a professional to take care of it. They will handle any other issues that may be affecting your AC fan.

6. Refrigerant/Water Leaking

Leaks are another of the most common ac problems. Since refrigerant leaks often appear in coolant lines, you may not detect them early. However, brightly colored stains are the first sign. While you should expect some condensation outside your AC, excessive moisture is a red flag.

The connections and lines in your AC system degrade, causing refrigerant leaks. Faulty condensate pumps and blocked drainage pipes cause leaks. If you identify this issue, the first step should be to turn off your AC and contact a technician.

If the refrigerant levels are low, your compressor may be in danger. It is very costly to replace, and you don’t want to take a chance. Luckily, you can identify the problem with regular maintenance.

If you experience any issues with your air conditioner, do not attempt to fix it on your own. Get professional help instead. The right technician has the right equipment to correctly identify and resolve your problem.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.