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Seven of the Best Apps to Save Money on Gas

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My Favorite Apps to Save Money on Gas

Although today’s national average price at the pump is $2.29 per gallon, with Summer travel right around the corner gas prices are expected to rise. And since nothing is worse than driving around in an unfamiliar town trying to find the lowest gas prices, today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite apps to save money on gas.  Now I know what you’re thinking:  you already have plenty of apps on your phone. Well these apps will not only help you find the lowest gas prices around, they’ll also save you a lot of time and headaches. So keep reading to find out why the following seven apps are the best apps to save money on gas!

Apps to Save Money on Gas

AAA TripTik

Not only will AAA’s TripTik help you find the cheapest gas prices near you, it also offers trip planning, showing you the route that will use the least amount of gas to get where you are going.  It’s perfect for short, across-town trips and long, cross-country road trips.

Available for: iPhone, iPod, iPad
Price: Free


As one of the most well-known gas apps, GasBuddy uses a community of over 60 million users to report gas prices and help you find the lowest price and closest station near you. Users can search by city, state, or zip code, or by viewing the app’s map to see your options. Additionally, reporting prices will earn you points and achievements such as being entered
into a weekly drawing for a $100 gas card.

Available for: Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry


Route4Me allows users to organize their route sequence, and will show you the shortest overall route. This, of course, results in less dollars spent at the pump. 

Available for: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free


Another crowd-sourced app, Waze is a gas money saver’s delight. Using GPS navigation and real-time reports from other users, the app can help you avoid gas guzzling traffic jams. And to help you save even more, by using partner gas stations, you can get special “Waze-only” deals. Bonus, the community is known to be extra kind and helpful, even offering tips to help you avoid auto accidents and police speed traps. Those days of sitting stuck in traffic idling away your gas could be a thing of the past with Waze. 

Price: Free
Available for: iPhone, Android


This particular app takes its information from the Oil Price Information Service and provides directions to the cheapest gas station in your vicinity.

Price: Free
Available for: iPhone, Android

Cheap Gas

The Cheap Gas app will provide you with a list of gas stations near you, sorted in order of the lowest price. You can then tap on one of those listings, and it’ll opens Maps. While it doesn’t give you directions to the station, it does show your current location and that of the station you’d like to visit. 

Price: $0.99, free
Available for iPhone, Android

Fuel Finder

Although this app is not free, it is well worth the low price. With Duel Finder not only can you find gas station prices,  you can also find out whether they have amenities like a food mart, car wash or ATM. Additionally, the “On Fumes” feature is great for those times when your gas tank indicator is dangerously close to “E” — it will help you find the closest station and connect to roadside assistance in case you do not make it there in time.

Price: $2.99
Available for: iPhone

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Do you have a favorite app to save money on gas? Share with us in the comments and help others save more!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.