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Creative and Useful Tips to Personalize Your Devices

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Pretty much everyone has at least one personal device of some kind now, such as a smartphone or tablet. They’re handy for a huge range of things, from getting work done to staying in touch with the grandkids. The problem with a lot of devices is that you’re often not the only person who owns one. Several people you know might have a device that’s the exact brand, model, and color as yours. You might even live with one of them. Personalizing or customizing your device is one way to help you avoid getting it mixed up with someone else’s. There are lots of things you can do to make your phone easily identifiable

8 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Devices

Get a Cover or Case

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to customize your phone, a case or cover has a few different purposes. Firstly, it can make your device look good, whether you’re using it or not. It might make it easier to find if you pick a bright color or a recognizable pattern. But apart from the aesthetics of it, it will also help to protect your device.

You can get cases and covers with a range of features to help your device last longer. They can protect screens to prevent scratches and give devices extra shock absorbency, so they’re less likely to break when dropped. You can get cases and covers made from plastic, fabric, and other materials, depending on what you want its function to be.

Personalize Your Devices smartphone

Create a Custom Wallpaper or Lock Screen

For a purely visual way to customize your device, a custom wallpaper or lock screen is a good idea. One of the reasons it’s smart to use one is that it helps you identify your device as soon as you pick it up. If you light up the screen and it doesn’t show your custom wallpaper, you know it’s not yours. Of course, there are wallpapers already on your device you can choose from.

You can also use photos you have taken. Another option is to create some custom graphics, which you can easily do with a wallpaper maker tool. You don’t need any graphics skills or knowledge to make something impressive. And you can create several wallpapers that you can change around.

Add a Charm

If you want a cute accessory to add to your device, putting a charm on your smartphone is one option. You have lots of options that will help to make your device immediately identifiable, without having to turn it on or look at the screen. Some charms attach to the loop on your phone, while others will go in the audio or USB ports.

They might be purely decorative, or some can perform various functions, like flashing when someone calls you. You can also get straps to attach to your phone to wear it around your neck, attach it to your belt, or just make it more visible.

Personalize Your Devices tablet

Decorate with Stickers and Glue

If you’re not shy about sticking anything on your device (or perhaps on its case), you can decorate it with various items. Get some stickers that you like and place them strategically, so it’s easy to spot your device when you’re looking for it. Or use some gems or other decorative items and stick them on your device to make it stand out.

In fact, you could use just about anything you want to decorate with, including paint or markers, if you don’t might making changes to the appearance of your device. Just remember to make sure you can still use it in the way it’s intended to be used.

Assign Custom Ringtones

There are also plenty of ways you can customize your phone by changing its settings and media. Assigning ringtones to each of your contacts is a good idea, or you can just choose one custom ringtone so that you recognize your phone. It’s a nightmare when you have the same one as everyone else with your phone, and you’re not always sure if it’s your phone ringing or not.

You can use your favorite songs or different sound clips to create ringtones that you enjoy. Either choose one or set different ones for each of your contacts. You can use them as alarms too if you use your device as an alarm clock.

Add Photos to Your Contacts

Using photos for each of your contacts is another way to customize them. When someone calls, you’ll be able to quickly see who it is without having to read their name. Of course, if you want to use photos of their contacts, you have to get them to let you take a photo first!

If you can’t convince everyone, you can use other images that help you identify different callers. It should be easy to add images to each of your contacts, but if you’re unsure, you should be able to find a guide for your operating system or device.

Personalize Your Devices

Get the Apps You Want

Having the right applications for you on your device is important too. There are likely to be some standard ones when you first buy it, and you want to get the ones that will be most useful for you. You should think about how you use your device, whether it’s for fun or work.

Once you have the apps that are most useful for you, it’s also helpful to get them organized. Customizing your home screen, so it has your most used apps easily accessible, is a good idea.

Adjust Accessibility

Your devices also have accessibility settings, which make it easier to use if you have a disability or just want to make some adjustments. They might include settings for people with visual impairments, which allow you to change text size and brightness and contrast, or perhaps use audio and voice commands. You can also see if there are useful shortcuts that make it easy to perform certain actions with one button.

You have a number of ways to personalize your devices. Doing so helps them stand out and makes them easier to use.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.