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7 Summer Safety Tips For Pets

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Summer is synonymous with long days, sunshine, and warm weather. Pet owners, in particular, will enjoy playing outside with their furry friends on sunny days, but summertime can also be dangerous for animals. You need to take precautions to make sure your dog or cat stays happy and healthy during the warmer months. To be completely safe, it’s highly advised to sign up for a pet plan.

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Here are 7 summer safety tips for pets to help keep them safe: 

Never Park Your Pet

Never EVER leave your pet in a parked car. Even on a 70-degree day, temperatures in your car can reach 100 degrees in minutes, even with the windows rolled down, and most of the summer temperatures will be far hotter than that, turning your car into an oven. If you leave your pet in the car, even for a few minutes, you risk giving your faithful companion a heat stroke. Don’t do it.

Know Your Parasites

One of the most important summer safety tips for pets is to make sure that your four-legged friend is on a program to control fleas and ticks. Playing outside makes pets more likely to encounter parasites, some of which can be more than a nuisance and actually endanger their health. Don’t risk it. Make sure your dog or cat is tested for heartworm and placed on a year-round preventative, and be sure to apply flea and tick preventives.

Watch for Warning Signs

Overheating is a real threat. Watch out for excessive panting, weakness, and difficulty breathing. If you think your dog or cat is overheated, get him or her out of the heat and to a cool place, then talk to a professional. Either take your pet to your veterinarian or visit to talk with a live veterinarian anytime. 

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Understand Limitations

Take special care with animals with flat faces, like bulldogs, older pets, and overweight animals, because they cannot pant as effectively as others and may need to be kept indoors on the warmest days.

Water Often

Dehydration is a real risk for pets in the summer, especially if you have an active one who likes to run and chase. Watch out for excessive drooling. It is one of the easiest signs to spot. Remember, even if you have plenty of water around, you may still need to call your dog to you and get him or her to drink some water during playtime. 

Be Swimming Smart

Many dogs, and a few cats, love the water. By all means, let them play but make sure they wear a life vest if swimming in deeper water, don’t let them swim anywhere you wouldn’t, never leave them unsupervised, and practice how to get out of the water safely. 

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Take Caution Walking

The heat and humidity tend to be highest between 1pm and 4pm. Not only is it hard to breathe but hot sidewalks and pavement can be hard on the paws. It may be best to plan your walks to avoid the hottest part of the day as well as hot surfaces.

Summertime is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your four-legged friend, but take precautions to avoid a possible trip to the veterinarian.

Cat courtesy Dalibor Tomic  via Flickr
Dog courtesy Kevin Smith via Flickr
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