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Creating a Rustic Bedroom That’s Warm and Cozy

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If your bedroom is in need of a makeover, then you are probably considering the best way to go about it. When it comes to bedroom decorating, there are hundreds of styles and designs that you could choose from. However, if you want a bedroom that is warm and cozy – as all bedrooms should be, a rustic design is the only way to go.

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As well as looking stylish, rustic bedroom designs ooze warmth and comfort. While any bedroom can be transformed into a beautiful rustic space, older rooms always tend to look better. This is because older houses have beams and brick walls exposed, and the rustic look works well with these features.

That being said, regardless of the age or style of your home, you can easily transform it into a stunning, rustic space. To help you design the perfect bedroom, we have put together some handy tips and ideas, below:

Lots of wood is a must

For a rustic bedroom, incorporating lots of wood into the room is a must. When we say wood, we mean natural wood that has been turned into a beam, bed or nightstand, the more natural-looking it is, the better.

In rustic bedrooms, it’s important to understand that the wood should not be painted but left in its natural state. The only exception to this is the flooring, if you add wooden flooring to the room, make sure that it has been properly sealed.

Panel instead of painting

Instead of painting the walls, consider paneling them with wood. If the idea of paneling your entire bedroom doesn’t appeal to you, consider creating an accent wall instead.

The wood you choose can be any color, just as long as it’s in its natural state. For a sophisticated look, it’s better to opt for wood that is darker in color. The best wood to use for this tends to be reclaimed wood, as it is often darker in color than new wood.

Be careful with decor

To ensure that your bedroom looks truly rustic, it’s crucial that you are careful with decor. In a rustic bedroom, the decor should be as natural-looking as possible. This also extends to the colors used, colors like red, brown, burnt orange, and beige are ideal.

Look for decor that would work well in a real lodge, lodge decor tends to be very earthy. As much as possible is naturally sourced, with things like driftwood and antlers often used for decoration.

Use natural materials

To soften the harsh look of the room, incorporating a range of different materials into it is ideal. Adding softer materials to the room will help to soften both the look and vibe of the space, creating a cozy and intimate bedroom.

In a truly rustic bedroom, no synthetic materials should be used. Instead, the room should be filled with items made of natural materials, like linen and wool. Adding woven materials to the room is another excellent idea, you can do this by adding a woven rug or throw.

The key to creating a bedroom that is as rustic as possible is using natural materials and resources wherever possible. Creating a rustic bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult, if you pay attention to the rules of rustic design, it’s easy.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.