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How to Add a Vintage Touch to Your Home – 3 Simple Tips

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How to easily add a vintage touch to your home

A vintage touch can enhance the aesthetic of any room in your home. But there are so many items labeled as vintage that it can be hard to find the best items to even consider for your home. Here are some simple ways to add a vintage touch that you can consider to take your interior decorating to another level.

vintage touch

Leather trunks

Leather trunks are a staple of vintage home goods and can be easy to find a use for in your home. A trunk can be perfect for storage at the foot of your bed, for books in the living room or library, or just about any other item. A solid leather trunk can also be a perfect coffee table if you find one that is high enough off the ground.

These trunks are sure to stand out in any room they are placed in, so be careful to find one that is in good enough shape. Verify that the leather is not peeling off or discolored. Trunks come in many different colors and sizes, so make sure that you find the one perfect for the room and purpose you intend for it.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is sure to stand out in today’s chrome world. Often, a big difference between modern and vintage wooden furniture is the craftsmanship. A modern desk or table is often much sleeker and simpler.

An antique piece is usually more intricate, with designs on the legs or differently shaped legs, as well as more curves in the design instead of a modern piece which typically consists of more straight lines. A wooden furniture supplier like would have everything on the spectrum for you to choose from.

You can even put your own spin on a vintage piece by painting it a different color, such as blue or purple, to fit the room better.

Get Creative

Old-school wooden boxes or wheels can be turned into tables or furniture pieces by building a stand for it. A wheel can be attached to a pole to become a table, or you can make a stand for a box to turn it into an end table or nightstand.

Use a different material, like iron, for custom stands on these items to draw attention to the original vintage piece.

Iron, or any other non-chrome metal, is perfect because it will not draw attention away from the centerpiece, as well as often appearing vintage itself.

Things to Remember

An antique piece like a grey coffee table will often stand out from the rest of the furniture in that room, so use it sparingly to draw attention to some locations. Having too many different pieces from too many different time periods can make the room seem cluttered and disorganized, so make sure the vintage pieces you have do not overpower the original aesthetic.

Another consideration is to make sure that you use the item. Finding a use for a piece that stands out makes it seem like the item has more of a purpose than only being decoration. You may also surprise yourself with the amount of creative uses you can find for a vintage dresser or desk.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.