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Using Light and Color to Bring More Light To Your Living Room

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Other than the bedroom, the living room is the place in our home where we spend most of our time. A cozy living room should feel warm and inviting. Lighting and color usage plays an integral part in this feeling. Here are just a few ways that you can use lighting and color to brighten up your living room.

bringing more light into your living room

Image via Pixabay

Add a new splash of paint to your walls

A new coat of paint may be all your room needs to feel bright. Old paint may be faded or stained and could give your room a dull appearance. New paint will make it feel fresh, and as a result make you feel fresh. You can also coordinate the colour to the mood that you want the room to give off. Warm colours such as yellow, beige and tan can feel more stimulating, whilst light blues, greens and greys are more relaxing. The former may be more suitable for those wanting their lounge to be a social area, whilst those looking for a place of quiet downtime may prefer the latter. White meanwhile is the perfect neutral color for reflecting light.

Remove winter curtains

Thick winter curtains are ideal for the cold months, preventing heat from escaping the home. However, in summer they may make your living room feel darker, absorbing the sunlight. Use thinner summer drapes. These will allow in some natural light even when shut, whilst keeping your privacy.

Choose light colored furniture

Just as light walls are more likely reflect light, so is light furniture. If you have mahogany side tables, switch them out for a lighter wood such as beech or oak. If you’ve got a black leather sofa, consider swapping it out for cream leather instead

Make use of mirrors

Nothing reflects light quite as well as a mirror. Place these opposite a window to allow more light into the room. Mirrors are all great devices for bringing the illusion of more space to a poky room. You can also incorporate shiny materials such as chrome and glass for a similar effect.

Grow bright plants

Bright plants such as these ones from House of Plants immediately bring vibrant colour to a room. Not only do they make a room look more bright and cheerful, they’re also good for our mental health improving our concentration and memory by providing fresh oxygen into the air.

Introduce interior lighting

If finding enough natural lighting is a problem, why not introduce artificial lighting into your living room? Floor lamps and table lamps are great for illuminating corners of room whilst using up less electricity than overhead lighting. For those that want to wire new ceiling lighting in, consider track lighting as opposed to spot lighting – it can often look just as stylish and is much cheaper and easier to install. Incorporate warm white light to give more energy to a room and cold white light to give it a more relaxing feel.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.