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Adding An Extension? Essentials You Have To Consider To Avoid Long Term Pain

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Adding An Extension to Your Home

Of all the criticisms leveled at the present generation, one that probably has more sticking power is that we are short-termist. That’s not just anyone under a certain age, by the way. It’s true of young and old, even if the older you get, the more serious you feel you should be. Perhaps because of the financial crisis, there are a lot of people focused on living for now and it pervades all areas of life.


We eat food that isn’t as healthy because preparation takes time. We “like” someone’s Facebook posts, because sitting to email them would cut into our day. And the problem with living for now is that now goes away immediately.

Thinking about the future is something that we should all take more time to do. This is true especially when it comes to keeping your home in good shape.

When you’ve been living somewhere for a while, it’s natural to want to do something more with it. This can be as simple as remodeling the kitchen with these builders in Essex, or something more in-depth like adding an extension to your home. Especially in the latter case, your planning needs to be on point.

Thinking About Your Needs

If you want to get more from your home, then adding an extension can give it a new lease of life. You can use it as more living space, a conservatory or another bedroom. In this respect, you need to be thinking about the next five to ten years. Do you plan to have (more) kids? Is anyone in your household likely to be moving out? Decisions like this may govern what you need from the work ahead.

Thinking About A Future Sale

On the other hand, if there is a chance that your household will be lighter in the near future, you may be considering selling up. Moving to a smaller house might be a way to save some money and live somewhere more relaxed.

Don’t junk the extension idea if this is the case, but do consider that a future sale changes things. You don’t want to make the addition to the house anything too extreme. You’ll maximize a future price by making a practical, agreeable extension that people can see themselves living in.

Thinking About The Condition Of Your House

adding-an-extension-image2Image via Pixabay

Before you go ahead with any work on an extension, don’t proceed without inspecting your home. The structural integrity of your house is of paramount importance at any time. To add extra stress without knowing if there are existing issues is careless. And again, if you may be selling up in the future, having a thorough inspection history is only ever a good thing.

You can’t predict the future with any great degree of certainty, but that’s no reason not to plan for it. By putting those ideas into action at the right time, you can be a lot more ready for whatever the future holds. Not only that, but by adding an extension to your home, you’ll be ready for it in a house that will give you endless contentment – and fetch a good price when you’re willing to sell.

adding-an-extension-for-saleImage via Flickr

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.