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9 Reasons Why Buying a Small Car May be Right for You

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Ever heard the saying that the best things come in small packages? In many cases this saying is true, even when it comes to cars. While small cars may not be for everyone, for those in the market they make a lot of sense. Here are 9 reasons why buying a small car may be right for you!

why buying a small car may be right for you

Not So Little on the Latest Tech

Size no longer matters when it comes to comfort and convenience. It used to be that you had to spend big bucks on a big car to get the latest features in comfort and convenience. Today, compact and subcompact cars are much more luxurious, with many models offering the same wide range of high tech features and gadgets previously found only in larger vehicles.

No Longer Short on Safety

Smaller cars have a reputation, and in some cases, a history, of not being as safe as larger cars. Today, small car safety has improved and they are safer than they’ve ever been. In addition, smaller cars now offer many of the same safety features as their larger cousins including rearview cameras, blind spot monitoring, multiple airbags, forward-collision warning, collision-mitigation braking systems, lane-departure alerts and more.

Great Fuel Economy

When it comes to good fuel economy, smaller cars lead the pack. Compact and subcompact cars typically weigh less and have smaller engines that use less fuel. As a result, they can get great mileage. In fact, many of them including Fiat 500, Nissan Versa, Ford Fiesta, Dodge Dart, and Toyota Corolla are all capable of getting at least 35 mpg on the highway, according to Plus, smaller cars are among the most environmentally-friendly vehicles on the road.

Smaller Purchase Price

Small cars are some of the most affordable vehicles out there. Whether you’re buying new or used, these  cars are often a less expensive option. Plus, that lower price point could leave you more room to customize the vehicle to your liking.

For example, a brand new 2018 Toyota Corolla XLE Sedan at Thompson Automotive, of Edgewood, Maryland, comes packed full of features for less than $21000. You can’t get all of those features at this price point on an SUV or other larger vehicle.

Smaller Ownership Costs

In addition to having a lower purchase, price smaller cars can also save you money on other costs. such as maintenance, repairs and even insurance costs. While expenses like maintenance, repairs, fuel, and insurance all vary depending on the type car you have, smaller cars generally have lower out-of-pocket costs. This in turn makes them more manageable and affordable, throughout their life.

Parking Is A Cinch

When it comes to parking – especially parallel parking –  everyone who has ever tried knows that squeezing a large car into a tight spot can be a challenge. Smaller cars, on the other hand, offer shorter overall lengths and a smaller turning radius, making parking a breeze.

Full of Fun

Many of today’s small cars are loads of fun to drive. Their smaller size makes them more responsive and enables them to accelerate quickly, handle sharp turns and curves smoothly, and brake efficiently; all claims that many larger SUVs and trucks can’t make. This not only gives the driver a feeling of control behind the wheel, it also makes driving fun.  Plus, if you go for a sport model, you could double your fun.

Surprisingly spacious

One of the biggest reasons many avoid buying a small car is the lack of room. Smaller cars have actually gotten a bigger in recent years and they offer a lot more room and flexibility than you think. Many models offer airy cabins, foldable rear seats and spacious cargo areas.

No Shortage on Style

The featureless and boring small cars of the past are long gone, and today’s compact cars are big on style. When it comes to buying a small car, there’s a huge range of styles and colors from which to choose. There are hatchbacks, sedans, sports coupes and even several distinctively unique designs like the iconic VW Beetle and the sleek Mini Cooper.

In Summary

While small cars may not be for everyone, if you are usually driving by yourself and looking to save money without sacrificing style, function, and features, then perhaps buying a small car is the right decision for you!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.