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Advantages of Goat Milk Baby Formula

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These days, we have access to a variety of products of literally any kind. The same goes for baby formulas – there are tons of options available on the market from cow’s milk to goat’s milk formula. However, it is hard to choose the right product for your little one. Among all these types of formulas, there is one that might not be very popular, but still has a lot to offer. We are talking about goat milk baby formula. What is so good about it? Is it actually worth it? We’ll cover all these questions in today’s guide.

child with bottle of goat milk baby formula

Top 4 Benefits of Goat Milk Baby Formula 

Goat milk baby formula might not be the perfect choice for everyone, but it is definitely parents should look into when choosing a formula for their babies. Goat milk itself has multiple benefits, but it especially stands out in the goat milk vs cow milk comparison. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest advantages of this type of milk down below: 

It is probably the closest alternative to cow milk 

There has always been some controversy around cow milk. Many agree that even though it has some benefits, it can be very harmful to adults and kids in some cases. However, cow milk is very similar to breast milk, which is why many parents go for it. Goat milk is much gentler for a baby and absorbed faster.

Protein in goat milk is different from protein in cow milk 

Even though protein takes an important part in forming a healthy and strong body, it should be given to infants more carefully, since it might be a bit heavy on their stomachs. However, when it comes to goat milk, parents don’t have to worry about milk protein causing a lot of trouble, since, in this type of milk, protein is digested more easily. Moreover, goat milk contains less casein protein (only very small amounts of it), which is often responsible for causing allergies. 

If you’re worried about wasting your goat milk formula, freezing it could be a great alternative to maintain it, and Serenity Kids shares all the tips and tricks to do it safely.

Goat milk contains more minerals than some other types of milk

For sure, cow’s milk is rich in nutrients and minerals and can be very beneficial for your and your baby’s health. However, when you compare it to goat milk, it’s clear who the winner is. Goat milk is filled with useful minerals and vitamins, such as: 

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Vitamin A
  • Potassium
  • Niacin
  • Copper
  • Folic acid 

This is quite an impressive list, especially when you look at the percentage of the mentioned nutrients contained in cow milk and goat milk. 

Goat milk baby formula is less allergenic.

Since goat milk contains less lactose, it is more easily digestible. Also, if you or your child consume goat milk, there are fewer risks of some serious allergic reactions and discomfort. However, this might not sound like a dealbreaker to some individuals.

This is definitely an advantage when we compare goat milk to cow milk, but it won’t make any difference if we are talking about people with lactose intolerance. Even though there is less lactose in goat milk, there is still plenty of it to make a human being feel sick if they are lactose-intolerant.

How to choose the best goat milk baby formula

The process of finding and choosing goat milk baby formula is the same as for any other type of formula. Right here, you can learn some tips that will help you make this task go much easier and faster.

Talk to your doctor.

This should be one of the first steps you take when choosing the best goat milk baby formula. Of course, a lot depends on you, your preferences, budget, and other factors, but your doctor is the only person that can tell you everything about the dos and don’ts of the formula selection process. 

Don’t do it on your own. 

You don’t have to go through any of the difficult decisions all by yourself. Instead, get some help from people you love and/or respect. Moreover, you can also go online and find people who are working on the same task or have already had similar experiences looking for the best goat’s milk formula in the past. Who knows, maybe others will be able to show you a different angle. 

Don’t trust marketing too much. 

We are surrounded by ads. And while it can be annoying, sometimes they help us to find something that we would not have even noticed otherwise. However, you should not depend on marketing to explain how good something can be for you. Most of the claims made on the packaging of baby formula are not really backed up by anything or don’t have enough evidence to support them. 

Do your research.

When looking to choose the best goat milk baby formula, speak to specialists, ask your doctor as many questions as you can, google, and talk to other parents. You need to approach this matter with complete seriousness, and this is why you have to do as much research as you can. This way, you’ll know more about the options you have and what the benefits and downsides are of the particular goat milk baby formula. 

Final Thoughts on Goat Milk Baby Formula

Many parents will agree that finding a baby formula that 100% matches your needs and your baby’s needs is always hard. Despite that, you should not rush into making a final decision without doing enough research. While it might take weeks for you to come up with the best solution, at least you’ll know that it is the best solution possible. Good luck to you, and make sure to take care of yourself as well!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.