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AudioFly AF33 M In-Ear Head Phones with Microphone

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Product Review
2012 Holiday Gift Guide Selection

Give the gift of sound this Holiday Season with a pair of amazing headphones made by AudioFly!    The creators of AudioFly take their love and passion for music and sound, and combine it with old school attention to detail in order to create some of the best headphones around!  If you love music, and want to hear it clearly and loudly in its purest form, then AudioFly is for you!

I had the opportunity to experience a pair of their AF 33M Headphones with Microphone.  These awesome in-ear headphones are available in two different styles, with a built in microphone, or without (AF33).  The model I reviewed (AF33 M) has the microphone which gives me the option to use them as a hands-free phone system when you plug them into a cell phone.  Audiofly has also incorporated their Clear-Talk technology where they have separated the microphone from the button resulting in much clearer voice transmission during conversations.

When you plug these unique headphones into your Smartphone, you have the ability to listen to music, pause it, skip songs forwards and backwards, answer calls and call-waiting, and much more with a simple press of the button! Even the microphone is so well made that the person on the other end of your conversation can hear you clearly at your normal speaking volume.  No static, no interference, no distortion!

When it comes to listening to music through the AF33 M headphones, they use an “advanced custom voiced 9mm dynamic driver in order to deliver detailed sound reproduction across the entire sonic spectrum”, with a frequency range of 20HZ to 20kHz.  Very scientific sounding, but what it basically translates to is incredibly clear sound where you can hear everything from the deep, tight bass to the crystal clear top end and everything in between. You can hear each and every note, every word, every sound regardless of the range!

The AF33 M headphones are noise isolating, and come with 4 sets of different sized silicon ear-tips that mold to the shape of your ear for better sound and noise isolation, which helps to reduce the amount of outside noise, and keep what you want to hear in your ear.  So when you listen to your favorite group, or are having a conversation on the phone, you don’t have to worry about other people around you clearly hearing your music or both sides of the conversation!  Plus, with such a choice of sizes, you can be sure you will find the most perfect and comfortable fit.

The headphones also come with a handy little microfiber storage pouch for both protection and storage.  The cord is around 3.9 feet in length with a 3.5mm gold-plated plug.   The AF33 series are available in six different, stylish colors, too.   So, what can make these even better?  The price!  I was so impressed with the quality of these headphones, that I was amazed when I learned how affordable they truly are!  I would have expected to pay a pretty penny for the wonderful quality of sound, the innovative features and the fact that can also be used as a hands-free system for a cell phone.  Instead, I learned that the AF33M In Ear Headphones sell for around $39.99!

My Verdict
I have always been a huge fan of music, and I have always wanted to be sure I have the best possible sound through whatever device I may be listening.  I have tried many different types of headphones, both in-ear and the ones that fit over the ear, and have been most impressed with these, the AudioFly AF33 M.  The most important feature I look for is the quality of sound, and these are very nice, especially for the price!  Their sound is very clear, ‘close’ and clean, not at all tinny and far-away sounding!  Plus, the noise isolation feature does a great job of keeping outside noises from getting in, so all I hear is the music or conversation I am listening to.  Even using them with my cell phone gave me excellent sound quality, and the person I am speaking with is able to hear me clearly without my having to speak loudly.  My husband says it sounds more like I am talking through the actual mouthpiece on the phone, than it does a microphone;  with none of the ‘far away’ or ‘talking as though from inside a well’ sound we both have experienced with other similar sets before. The second most important feature is comfort. I have had many a pair that make my ears hurt after wearing them for a short amount of time, and these do not cause discomfort at all.  The silicon ear slips are very soft and fit perfectly, and really help with noise isolation.  I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a pair of excellent, affordable headphones!
The AudioFly AF33 M headphones would make a wonderful gift this Holiday Season for anyone on your list!  They can be found at many stores, both online and off!  To find a location near you, or to see a list of online stores, simply visit AudioFly’s location finder; or you can buy directly through the AF 33M website page!  While you are there, be sure to check the other headphones offered, and visit AudioFly
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