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Bedroom Decor: Creating a ‘Good Mood’ Bedroom

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Did you know that the surroundings you find yourself in can significantly affect your mood? If you’re in a room that is messy, cluttered and not exactly to your taste, you will probably find it difficult to relax and night even start to suffer from stress and anxiety. That’s why it’s so important that your home, and particularly your bedroom where you go to relax, are designed to help you unwind. Here are some bedroom decor tips to help you create a ‘good mood’ bedroom and have at least one place where you can really relax:

bedroom decorImage via Flickr

Let There Be Light

When the weather is gray, it’s harder to put on a happy face, and it’s the same when your bedroom is too dark and gloomy.  One of the easiest ways to lift your spirits then is to ensure that you let lots of light into your room during daylight and that you have lots of lamps, lights, and candles around the room to keep the space illuminated when you’re trying to chill out in the evening.

Mood-Enhancing Colors

Colors can also have a surprisingly big impact on the average person’s mood, and although the effects can be quite subtle, it makes sense to utilize the power of color to your advantage in the bedroom. Blues, greens, and grays are colors that naturally soothe the mind while colors like bright orange and yellow have an energizing effect. So, if relaxation is your priority, going for more subdued, natural colors will help.

Remove Clutter

If there are clothes all over your bed, there’s all manner of makeup and beauty products on top of the dresser, and you’re storing stuff that doesn’t even belong in the bedroom there, the effect to your psyche is going to be serious. A cluttered room makes for a busy,  cluttered mind that just cannot relax. So, send the kids’ toys back to their rooms, put the laundry in the closet where it belongs and remove anything from the home that you never really use. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you sink into your bed after a good decluttering session. Believe me; it’s worth every second of your time.

bedroom decor remove clutterImage via Flickr

Make the Bed Comfortable

It’s hard to relax and feel good if you’re really uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many of us have itchy sheets, duvets that aren’t great at regulating the temperature and duvet covers that feel rough on the skin. Switching these for comfortable, natural alternatives, like the duvet covers at Vaulia and the down comforters at ScandiaHome will make the world of difference and ensure that you are always at your most relaxed in your own bedroom, which is as it should be.

Decorate with Your Most Prized Possessions

What could make you feel happier and more relaxed than being surrounded by all of your favorite things? If you want to feel truly at home in your bedroom, add a few luxury touches, like your favorite scented candles, fluffy bathrobes and soft slippers.

You should also add lots of photos of friends, family and pets, any artworks that you particularly love, trophies and trinkets that have special meaning to you and anything else that will make you feel safe, special and loved.

Scented Candles

Many scented candles are known to aid relaxation and boost the mood. Invest in a few of these (lavender, orange, and chamomile are particularly good) and light them whenever your mood is low for a quick boost.

bedroom decor scented candlesImage via Flickr

Add a Touch of Nature

Researchers have found a link between time spent in nature and wellbeing. Being surrounded by nature can aid relaxation, decrease anxiety and help people who are battling with depression. Obviously, sleeping outdoors every night wouldn’t be that smart, but bringing more elements of nature into your bedroom will certainly help top boost your mood.

Try to choose houseplants that are very good at purifying the air, and put a few of them around your bedroom for maximum impact. You might also want to add lots of bright, fresh flowers and succulents which take very little looking after.

You can also help to give your room a more natural feel by bringing in bamboo furniture, stone, and marble pieces and investing in a nature sounds clock, which will allow you to listen to birdsong, babbling brooks or the sound of falling rain.

If your windows are dirty, giving them a good wash will not only help you to bring in more light, but it will also give you a window out to nature, which will help calm you when you’re feeling stressed.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.