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Benefits of Using a Meat Injector – Make This BBQ Your Best One Yet!

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I love summer! Not only for the long, lazy, sunny days but because summer is the perfect season for barbecuing! Nothing tastes quite as good as tender, juicy meat grilled over an open flame. Do you want to know my secret for meat that comes out tasting like a professional grilled it? A meat injector!

benefits of using a meat injector results in moist meat like this roast

If you’ve never used one, you will be amazed at how well a meat injector can infuse your favorite foods with flavor. A meat injector is a syringe with a sharp stainless needle that allows you to sauce or infuse marinade into seafood, vegetables, and uncooked meat. It works just like a regular syringe with a sharp needle and a plunger that is used to push marinade into the food.

However, meat injector needles differ from regular hypodermic needles in that they are not open at the tip. This is because a large opening at the tip can easily get clogged with meat. Instead, a meat injector has holes in the sides of the needles, and the tip is a sharp point.

Most meat injectors also have measuring units on the side so you can easily add the correct amount of liquid to inject.

Reasons To Use A Meat Injector

So why use a meat injector? The answer is simple. To flavor your meat! Injecting the marinade directly into the meat will infuse the flavor into the flesh instead of keeping the marinade just on the outside surface. After grilling the meat will be tender and juicy and filled with flavor both on the inside and out. You get a professional taste without the extra cost.

How To Use a Meat Injector

Using a meat injector at home is simple. To load it, simply stick the needle into the marinade and pull the plunger until the barrel fills. Then stick the needle into the meat and slowly depress the plunger.>

You will want to insert the needle about one inch or more depending on the thickness of the cut of meat. I find it works best if you inject the marinade in several different spots, evenly distributing the marinade throughout the meat. For extra flavor, you can keep the meat inside vacuum seal bags to contain the flavor for several hours or even overnight.

Make sure you reserve enough marinade to give the outside a good coating with a brush, too!

Benefits of Using a Meat Injector image2

Image via Flickr

Where To Buy a Meat Injector

There are many online stores from where you can buy a quality meat injector, as well as a number of injection gadgets ranging from simple hypodermics to pumps. For home use, a nice sturdy specialty hypodermic will do just fine. In some cases, you can find injectors available as a kit with extra parts. These are definitely worth looking into as sometimes the needle can break. If it does, don’t worry – it’s a cinch to replace.

Before buying, do some research, read reviews, and ask your friends and relatives for recommendations. Buying an injector is definitely worth considering as it enables you to enjoy the taste of professionally cooked meat from the comfort of your own home.

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Wednesday 13th of February 2019

You are sure right about the injection method. I got to experience the difference and indeed injecting meat for grilling makes it more tender and flavored. Thanks for sharing

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.