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Which Is The Best Dog For Your Family? 4 Family Friendly Dog Breeds

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4 Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

Have you decided to get a dog for the family? Once you have weighed up all the pros and cons that come with getting a dog, you will then have to think about which breed you want to go with. Each breed has its own unique personality, and some are a lot more high maintenance than others. You need to think of your new dog as a new member of the family – so choosing wisely is very important! Otherwise, you could end up with a new family member who just doesn’t suit your family at all.

Here are some of the best family-friendly dog breeds, and their best and worst points.

4 Family-Friendly Dog Breeds beagleBeagles

Good points

  • They are very easy to groom and don’t shed much hair.
  • Beagles love being outside and will be great playmates for your kids.
  • They have a very easy-going personality and will get on with everyone.

Bad points

  • They have very high energy levels and will need a lot of exercise.
  • Beagles are known for being very stubborn and will need a lot of training.
  • Beagles are known for chewing, and will chew anything, especially any food that is left unmonitored!


Good points

  • Boxers are a very playful breed of dog and will enjoy playing with your kids.
  • They are often fine with other family pets.
  • Known for being a good guard dog, as they can look a little imposing even when they are being friendly.

Bad points

  • Boxers can sometimes get quite aggressive towards other male dogs.
  • This breed has specific dietary requirements, and you will need to find the best dog food for Boxers. If you aren’t sure about your dog’s diet, you can always ask your vet.
  • They drool a lot, which can get all over the furniture. They are also known for being very flatulent!

4 Family-Friendly Dog Breeds labsLabrador

Good points

  • Labrador’s are very loyal dogs and have a jolly and relaxed nature.
  • These dogs love to please their owners so you will find that your Labrador is extremely easy to train.
  • They will happily live with other family pets and are rarely aggressive towards other animals.

Bad points

  • Just like Beagles, Labrador’s need a lot of exercise. Not getting enough will result in them getting bored and destructive.
  • This breed will chew a lot, especially when very young.
  • They have the tendency to jump up at people, which some people might find intimidating.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Good points

  • They love cuddles and will always want to sit on your lap.
  • A very well-behaved breed that is easy to train,
  • These Spaniels are always good around other animals.

Bad points

  • It’s a bad idea to leave this breed alone for long periods, as they can get very anxious when separated from their owner.
  • They have a long coat, which will require regular grooming.
  • Your Spaniel will need to be kept on a leash at all times, as they have the tendency to run off and chase after people and animals.

So, which of these four family-friendly dog breeds will your family choose?

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