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Comparing Pets: Which Is The Best Pet For Your Family?

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Getting a pet is a big step for a lot of families. There is a lot to think about, such as who will take on the responsibility for them, and what sort of animal would suit your family and lifestyle best. To help you make this important decision, there is a brief run down of the most popular family pets below. Hopefully comparing pets will make your decision easier.

comparing pets catsImage via Pexels


A feline friend can make a wonderful family pet. They can be affectionate and often enjoy interacting with children and adults alike. They work particularly well for busy families that don’t spend a lot of time at home. This is because with the installation of a cat flap they can have the autonomy to decide to go out alone.

However, it is important that you consider the effects that getting a cat can have in your family before you make the decision to get one. For example, if you cat does go outdoors it is possible that they can get fleas or worms. Which can be carried into the house and transferred to humans. It is also possible that your cat might not have the best temperament, and could scratch or bite young children if they are not very careful around them.

comparing pets dogsImage via Pexels


Another popular family pet is a dog. Dogs make wonderful pets because they are brilliant companions, and enjoy attention from all family members. They can also be trained to do and not do certain things so they can be a bit easier to keep under control than their feline counterparts.

One of the biggest problems you can have when getting a pet dog, however, is deciding which sort of breed to go for. There are so many that it can become very confusing. Happily, there are websites like Puppies Online, chocked full of information about particular breeds. So you can do your research, and find the one that will suit your home and family the best.


If a cat or dog isn’t quite the pet that you family is looking for then how about an aquatic animal instead, like a fish? Fish can make great pets because not only are simpler to look after that a cat or dog, but they are also beautiful to watch when swimming. In fact, a fish tank they can make a real focal point in any room they are placed in.

Of course, you will still need to make some decisions when choosing a fish for a pet. Such as whether to get a freshwater, saltwater or tropical fish and the sort of tank that you want.

comparing pets rabbitsImage via Pexels


Lastly, rabbits are another popular option for families, especially those with young children. They are cute and furry like a dog or cat, but they are also a little more easily contain in a hutch and run in the garden.

Rabbits are fantastic creatures, and can be affectionate if socialized at a young age so make sure you and the kids pick up your bunny a lot. You can also choose to keep them in the house, but beware of any loose wires, or wall paper as they have a tendency to chew everything that they come across.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.