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BZees Shoes: Put a Spring in Your Step this Summer

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With Summer now in full swing and the temperatures still rising, everyone is trying to find ways to beat the heat. Wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts helps, as does wearing that classic summer shoe, the sandal. Sandals are a staple of every woman’s warm weather wardrobe. They are fun and flirty, and while some may not be practical, they are definitely functional. For me, however, when it comes to summer fashion for feet, one thing is a must – comfort! Those of you who are familiar with this blog know that I have several foot issues, including plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. There are very few brands of shoes I can wear that still feel comfortable after just a few hours. This summer though, I believe I have discovered a shoe that really works for me – BZees!

BZees shoesby Naturalizer

BZees women’s shoes are specifically designed to be stylish and comfortable without being impractical. They come in several great styles including slip ons, wedges, sandals and more – and they all provide great on-the-go style ideal for any activity from running errands to a pleasant walk in the park. 

What Makes BZees Shoes Different?

BZees shoes are made with molded, low density, EVA soles that have micro-cellular air bubbles trapped within. This enables them to be lightweight, soft and bouncy while providing excellent flexibility and cushioning. 

BZees shoes heel

In addition, the footbeds of these shoes (the bottoms) are made of Free Foam which is a specially blended micro-cellular polymer foam. It’s sort of like memory foam, except it doesn’t compact and it has great ‘bounce back’ ability. Add in an “additional viscoelastic memory foam arch support and you get a compressive customized fit that accommodates a wide range of arch heights” – translation: BZees’ Free Foam footbeds are nice and squishy and shape to your foot while wearing them – no matter what type of arch you may have!

BZees shoes side view

Last, but not least, the upper part of the shoes are made of a lightweight, elastic-y material which stretches over and across the tops of your feet providing just the right amount of necessary support to enable your feet to move freely and naturally without being restrictive. This also allows the shoe to expand in keys areas where you need it most, while still providing an amazingly comfortable fit and wearing exprience.

BZees shoes top view

Add all of this together, and you get an experience that is like, as they say on the Bzees website, “walking on a cloud, weightless, energized and free.”

Are BZees Shoes As Comfortable As They Say?

Wanting and needing a new pair of summer sandals, I decided to try a pair of the Bzees Dream Sandal. Their stylish, yet casual appearance caught my eye, and I knew they would work perfectly whether I was wearing shorts or a summery dress. And of course I couldn’t wait to see if they were as comfortable as they are advertised to be.

Once the shoes arrived and I removed them from the box, sure enough the very first thing I noticed was how incredibly light these shoes really are. In fact, BZees are so lightweight they weigh less than six ounces! The second thing I noticed was how incredibly comfortable they are! With every step I take my feet are cradled, supported and literally wrapped in comfort.  

BZees shoes side by side

To be honest, at first I was a bit worried that since the shoes are so lightweight, they wouldn’t hold up at all. Plus, since there was no back strap, I feared they would flip and flop too much as I walked. I needn’t have worried about either one. You see, in spite of their lightness, these sandals are holding up perfectly. The bottoms are still as soft, comfortable and supportive as the first day I put them on, and the unique uppers do exactly what they are supposed to and hold each shoe securely on my feet while still allowing them to flex comfortably as I walk.  

After about five weeks, I can honestly say that these sandals are one of the most comfortable pair I have owned of late! They provide just the right amount of support and softness, and the soles have great tread so I don’t have to worry about slipping or sliding. And I love, love, love the pretty floral design on the insides of the sandals!

BZees Shoes: Easy to Wear and Easy To Wash?!

BZees shoes machine washable shoes

Did I mention that Bzees are easy to wash, too?! This is because every Bzees shoe is made with wash-friendly materials that allow it to be machine washed in cold water and air-dried without losing their shape and colors or comfort and fit! I have washed mine once so far, and the colors are just as rich as they were on the day they arrived, and the fit is just as comfortable.

Since I’ve been wearing my Bzees, several people have stopped to comment on how cute they are and ask if they are really as comfy as they look. My reply? “It’s like walking on air!”

Where Can I Find BZees?

BZees can be found directly through the website, as well as at your favorite retailers online and off. 

Connect with Bzees: Website | Facebook | Twitter

What style of BZees would you like to try?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.