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Caring For Aging Parents: What Are Your Options?

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Caring for Aging Parents – 3 Ways to Help

As we get older, we often assume the responsibility of caring for our parents. After devoting their lives to raising and supporting us, it’s our duty to pay the favor back. If your parents are getting older and they need help around the home, there are various options you could consider. Here are some suggestions for caring for aging parents.

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Help at home

If your parents are relatively independent still, they may simply need a hand with selected tasks. If they are still mobile, and they can dress and wash themselves, they may be able to stay at home with a little assistance. Cooking meals and cleaning can be tough jobs to keep on top of when you’re getting older. If your parents need help with such tasks, there is an option to get help at home. You can pay for a home care service, or you may wish to consider signing up for a meal delivery scheme. You could also hire a cleaner to visit once or twice a week.

Do your loved ones have medical needs? Are they finding everyday tasks increasingly difficult? If so, you could arrange a more comprehensive care package. Home care services offer nursing care, as well as assistance with shopping, getting out and about and moving around at home. They can administer medication, and they work alongside other healthcare providers.

Round the clock care

If your parents are in poor health, they may require round the clock care. If this is the case, the best option may be to research local care homes. Arrange viewings and check out inspection reports. Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. Nobody wants to think about their parents living in a care home. But often, this is the best option. Here, they’ll receive the specialist treatment and attention they need. You can visit as often as you like, and arrange days out if your mom or dad are up to it.

Moving in

Many people offer their parents the choice of moving in with them when they get to a certain age. If they’re unable to cope at home any longer, having them at your house will enable you to care for them. You can make their meals, help them to get from one room to another, and provide them with company. If you don’t have space at present, you could look into converting a vacant room or extending. Another option you could research is granny flats. If your parents are still independent, this gives them the best of both worlds. You have peace of mind that they’re safe, but you also have your own space. They know that you’re there if they need you, but they have their own front door.

Aging happens to us all. We may not want to think about our parents getting older, but this is a reality we have to face. If you have elderly relatives, there are various options you may want to consider. Your choices will often be dependent on your parent’s’ health, and their level of dependence. Weigh up the pros and cons, and discuss the options with your loved ones. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a solution, which suits everyone.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.